Yours, Mine or Ours is the 16th episode of the first season.

Will and Grace find out they are on a date with the same guy. After another accident, Karen fires her driver.


While riding the elevator, Grace meets Peter, who is new in town and is moving into the building. They get acquainted and he invites her to a housewarming dinner. Later that day, Will meets Peter and he invites him, as well. Both Will and Grace think they are up for a romantic date but instead end up in the same apartment competing for Peter's attention and looking for clues as to whether Peter is gay or straight.

When they finally ask Peter which one of them he is dating, he expresses that they are just friends and is not interested in either of them.





  • Title is a reference to the 1968 comedy film Yours, Mine and Ours.
  • First episode written by Ellen Idelson and Rob Lotterstein, the namesakes for Will and Grace's friends Rob and Ellen.
  • Karen fires her driver in this episode. However, he later appears as the captain in Karen's yacht in 24 because according to her, "drive a boat, drive a car, drive a plane. As long as I'm drunk, what's the difference?".

Cultural References

  • The song Will sings with Jack in his office is "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" from the musical Showboat.
  • Jack mentions that "they haven't sung a showtune since Jimmy Swaggart got caught with a hooker", referring to the series of sex scandals involving the evangelical pastor in the 1980s.



Peter:Is everyone is this building good-looking?
Will:Oh, no. We make the ugly ones take the stairs.
meeting in the elevator

As Gandhi once said, "You're only as strong as your weakest servant." I think he said that. Or maybe it was "Wow, this sand is hot!" Karen

Will:In his bathroom, he had 3 magazines, and one of them was Martha Stewart's Living.
Grace:He also had Basketball Digest.
Jack:Ah, you both make compelling points, but I believe the truth is to be found in the third magazine.
Will and Grace:Vanity Fair.
Jack:... Unless it's Vanity Fair.
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