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Women and Children First is the 16th episode of the fifth season and 114th overall.

Grace throws a girls night with her friends. Will and Jack run into Sissy, Jack's old baby sitter.


Girls' Night


While Will and Jack are in the coffee shop, they run into Jack's old baby sitter Sissy. She still works as a baby sitter.





  • Originally a 45-minute episode, heavily edited down to 30 minutes for repeats.
  • There is a continuity mistake in this episode: Karen appears as though she's meeting Julie for the first time, although they are referenced as meeting offscreen in Fagmalion Part One: Gay It Forward.


Ellen:Rob's boring, and it's his fault I'm fat.
Julie:At least he works. The only thing my husband did last year is add "Southern accent" to his résumé.

Why does everyone outgrow me? I mean, I know being a babysitter is all flashy and ooh-la-la. But you don't know the heartbreak behind it. Sissy