Who's Your Daddy is the 2nd episode of the ninth season and 196th overall.

Will and Jack struggle with the reality that they are much older than they used to be when they begin to date younger guys. Grace comes to the realization that she needs Karen more than she thought she did.


Lock it forever!

Karen is toying around her newly installed voice-activated shower system when one of her maids asks for a raise. Grace later comes over and Karen, inspired by her own help, asks for a raise herself to show that Grace actually values her. Grace, however insists that since Karen does not do any real work, she does not deserve to get paid with real salary and a raise is out of the question.

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"I'm a sperm!"

Carelessly throwing commands while inside the enormous shower, Karen accidentally locks Grace and herself inside with the water on and drain closed until she utters a safe word which she has forgotten.

Just as when a frantic Grace is about to give up, Karen reminds her of the times when she actually needed Karen's help and Grace realizes how much she really values her assistant and friend. The two express their love for each other and as Karen utters Grace's name, the shower unlocks.


After an embarrassing incident at a bar where Jack tries to pick up a young guy, he asks Karen's help in getting a date. Will is seemingly in more luck when he gets a date with a 23-year-old named Blake. During their date, however, Will realizes how little he has in common with the younger generation, including the hardships of growing up in the closet, and starts to feel that people are forgetting the struggles that older gay people have gone through and the rights they fought for. Will ends up giving a lengthy lecture to Blake about the history of the LGBT community.





  • Grace recalls that Jack used to introduce her as his drag queen friend named Judy Ism, poking fun of her religion.
  • Rosario is mentioned but does not appear.
  • Bridget's first appearance, played by Mary Pat Gleason who also appeared in the episodes Acting Out and Sweet and Sour Charity. However, Gleason played a different character then.
  • Madonna's Borderline (1993) plays on Will's Google Home speakers.
  • While Grace is frantically drowning in the shower, she recalls her time in camp with a bully named Janet Eisenberg. Janet Eisenberg is the friend of producer Max Mutchnick and was reportedly the real life inspiration of Grace's character.
  • Grace's childhood nickname "Gross Adler" was previously mentioned in Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore.
  • Will uses a white monogrammed coffee mug bearing the letter W in a black font. A similar style of mugs can also be seen in other sitcoms Kevin Can Wait (2016) and Fuller House (2016).

Cultural references

  • Grace recalls applauding at perhaps the famous monologue ("the night....the lights....went Georgia!") made by character Julia Sugarbaker played by actress Dixie Carter in the sitcom Designing Women, during the its second episode.
  • Karen gives Jack a pair of magnets that is "guaranteed to take the Mitch McConnell out of anyone's neck", poking fun at the senator's "neck pouch".
  • After Will makes a joke, Jack calls him Jeselnik, after stand-up comedian Anthony Jeselnik.
  • Blake references the monumental Stonewall riots in 1969, however he mistakenly calls it Stonehenge.



Really, Grace? Peekaboo sleeves? Aren't you begging someone to just peek and then boo? Jack

Blake:I hope this doesn't weird you out, but I think you're really hot. You're like an anchorman.
Will:This just in: Aww.
Karen:Did she call me the A-word, the B-word, or the C-word?
Bridget:Yes, Mum.
Blake:That's Stella. She's my best friend. Yeah, we live together now, but how long is that going to last?
Will:You'd be surprised.
Grace:You don't need a raise. You're in the top 1% of income and blood alcohol level.
Karen:It's not my fault that people can't marry money and hold their liquor. Give me one good reason why I don't deserve a raise.
Grace:You don't do anything!
Jack:What's your name?
Lincoln:Lincoln. My mom named me after our country's greatest car.
Jack:You look like a car in need of a jack. Allow me to intro-seduce myself. I'm Jack.

You know gays and our disposable income. Didn't have kids, but I raised some very well-adjusted linen pillows. Will

Jack:I need your pruning shears so I can cut myself out of this titanium girdle.
Will:God, if I had a dollar for every guy that came to my door...
Jack:Oh, save it for your Netflix special, Jeselnik.
Will:Is it creepy that I'm dating a 23-year-old? We're not really connecting.
Jack:So what? They're young and hot, we're old and not. Nothing else matters.
Will:He doesn't like Madonna.
Jack:He should be beaten with a VHS copy of Evita.

We rightly took Halloween back from the children. Whose costumes, simply. Weren't. Good enough. Willgiving the history of gay culture

Blake, it's great that you have no shame. I mean, you missed the joy of signing up for football to fool your parents. But you guys can never forget the struggle that came before you, the people that fought and loved and died, so that you could walk down the street in skinny jeans with rights you never even knew you never had. The minute we forget what we went through to get here is the minute it could all be taken away. Will

I'm a sperm! Karenstuck in the shower with Grace

Hush little baby don't say a word, mama's gonna buy you drugs. Graceremembering a song Karen sang to her.

Will:You're a catch. You will always be a catch, no matter how old you are. How very, very, very old you are.
Jack:It's always a kiss and a punch with you.
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