Went to a Garden Potty is the 20th episode of the fourth season and 91st overall.



Will's parents are selling their house so he takes the garden gnome Squatsy he and his brothers bought when they were young. Grace finds the gnome appalling and suggests they keep it in their community garden plot across the street. While swatting flies, Grace accidentally smashes Squatsy to pieces and places the blame on the mean neighbor who owns the adjacent garden plot. That night, as revenge, Will tries to urinate on the mean neighbor's prize-winning lettuce but gets caught. Grace is backed to a corner and comes clean confessing that she is the "gnome-wrecker".

Señor Mattress Commercial

Stan's old business partner Norman asks Karen for help in producing a commercial for his business of selling mattresses. Jack convinces her to cast him in the commercial by kissing her passionately like a straight
Jack commercial

"Is there someone out there who can help me?"

guy. However, after watching the finished commercial, Jack insists he played the part too well that he has been typecast to straight roles so he refuses to star in a second commercial.

Jack consults his acting teacher Zandra who becomes frustrated at him for turning down a job while he doesn't even have a career. Jack begs Karen to hire him again but she refuses and instead stars in the commercial herself as the straight guy.





  • Title is a reference to lyrics of Ricky Nelson's 1972 song "Garden Party".
  • Steve the neighbor appears again in All About Christmas Eve.
  • Tom Poston played a similar character in sitcom Just Shoot Me! in which he was small-time partners with Jack Gallo who later becomes a successful business magnate.
  • Will implies that Grace eats Ring-Ding cakes instead of vegetables.

Cultural references

  • Jack makes Will, Grace and Karen watch eight episodes of Match Game 73 on the Game Show Network, where contestants fill in blanks to complete phrases. Will later makes fun of this by saying "I'm going to blank in my shorts."
  • Karen thinks Jack is "as gay as a clutch purse on Tony night", referencing the Tony Awards popular among gay men.


Oh, honey, no one in the world would believe you're straight. You're as gay as a clutch purse on Tony night. You fell out of the gay tree hitting every gay branch on the way down. And you landed on a gay guy... And you did him. KarenTo Jack playing a straight character

Grace:I may have gone a little overboard, but I figure we can afford it because of all the money we're gonna save growing our own food.
Will:Well, you don't eat vegetables, so unless we can grow a Ring-Ding bush, I really don't see that happening.
On her gardening outfit
Jack:Zandra, what about all that stuff you're always saying about how we need to make tough choices in our careers?
Zandra:Well, that only applies to people who have careers!
Zandra gets mad after Jack turned down a paying job

I come from a broken home, and now, thanks to you, I come from a broken gnome! WillAfter Squatsy got smashed

I broke it, okay? I broke it! I'm the gnome-wrecker! GraceAdmitting she was responsible in destroying Squatsy

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