Wedding Balls is the 22nd episode of the fourth season and 93rd overall.

Grace helps at Will's cousin Alison's wedding but finds herself making preparations for her own wedding. Will and Karen bond over a book which drives Jack jealous.


Bob and Alison's wedding

Grace helps out planning Will's cousin Alison's wedding with the groom Bob. Things get out of hand, however and Grace end up planning her own non-existent wedding, including trying on Alison's wedding dress.

Will intervenes and Grace forces him to admit she may never get married herself.

The Marriage of Equals

Ep 04 22-0

I hear Will has a tie made out of boogers.

Karen finds out Will is reading the same book she is and they bond over it, driving Jack extremely jealous that he comes close "to reading the damn thing".

After Karen blows off their plans, Jack goes to the book signing which Will and Karen are attending and causes a scene. To be able to settle Jack's jealousy, Will and Karen stage a fight Jack witnesses.





  • Will and Karen bond over The Marriage of Equals by Rita Pigeon, a fictional book. Karen's love of reading is again referenced in I Second That Emotion when she tells about her obsession with the Harry Potter books.
  • Karen uses her alias Anastasia Beaverhausen again.
  • Second time Grace wears a wedding gown, after the pilot.

Cultural references

  • While using the vacuum, Grace calls Will Hazel, after the titular maid in the TV series during the 60s.
  • While Jack and Karen act bitchy towards Will, he refers to them as two Heathers, referencing the 1988 high school film Heathers where three popular girls all named Heather bully the entire school.
  • Jack and Karen were supposed to go comedian Bea Arthur's one-woman show An Evening with Bea Arthur and yell out "Maude!", after her famous role on the 70s sitcoms All in the Family and Maude.
  • One of the brides in the dressing room has "her jaw wired shut so she could fit in her dress". This is an actual weight-loss procedure to prevent ingestion of solid foods.



Unlike your thighs, that argument doesn't retain water. Jack

Why am I even trying to be friends with you, anyway? No matter how many uppers you take, you're still a downer. Will"arguing" with Karen

A friend is someone you gossip about and make out with when your husband's in the hospital. Karen

Someone's got a big vocabulary, and a little "dic"-tionary. Jack

A magician. like a prostitute, never reveals her tricks. Karenon her card tricks

Grace:I think it needs to be taken in.
Will:Honey, I think maybe you need to be taken in.
about Alison's wedding gown Grace is wearing

Because of your book, my two friends have formed this sick little club... and I've tried everything to get back with them. I even came this close to reading the damn thing! Jack

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