Here is a run down of my top 10 favorite Will & Grace episodes (at least from the original run).

10. The Finale
Favorite Moment: The ending. After seeing them grow old and grey, Will muses over how they haven't changed a bit... and then they're young again.

9. Hocus Focus
Favorite Moment: Glenn Close separately dry humping both Will and Grace.

8. Ben? Her?
Favorite Moment: 

7. Secrets and Lays
Favorite Moment: "I don't think it's dead yet."

6. Back Up, Dancer
Favorite Moment: All the dance scenes (sponsored by Penzoil).

5. To Serve and Disinfect
Favorite Moment: When Karen exclaims "This is the end of me. I don't think I can go on..." and then runs to the open window... to grab a bottle vodka.

4. Moveable Feast
Favorite Moment: 

3. Swimming Pools...Movie Stars
Favorite Moment: 

2. Von Trapped
Favorite Moment: All scenes referencing The Sound of Music, which is every scene.

1. An Old-Fashioned Piano Party
Favorite Moment: The ending. #FriendshipGoals