Tina is the mistress of George Truman and later on (presumably) of Stanley Walker.


Tina's father went to prison when she was four. She recalls that the only contact they ever had was through a bulletproof glass.[1] She admits going to a low self-esteem support group where she was voted "Most Confident".[2] Tina also mentions that she is in a textbook because of her bladder being "the size of an acorn."[2]

Affair with George

George met Tina during his midlife crisis after he bought himself a Ferrari[1] and the two subsequently started an affair. By the third season, George's son Will has become aware of Tina's relationship with his father but chooses to ignore it because he did not want to "drop a bomb" on his family like when he came out.

By the fourth season, Tina and George's affair has become an open secret among the conservative Truman family including his wife, Marilyn whom until the sixth season, has never met Tina. To avoid openly discussing the subject, every one in the family uses the code "business trip" to refer to the affair, and Tina is known as "associate," "colleague," or "client".[3]

For a short period, Marilyn and Tina shared George behind Will's back because they think it is more "exciting".[4]

After George suffers a heart attack and dies during the eighth season, Tina attends his funeral where she and Marilyn settle things because they "both lost someone they loved". After overhearing that Tina is attracted to overweight men, Karen sets her up to be a mistress of her husband Stanley.


  • She admits she is attracted to married men[2], and that she "kind of like 'em a little fat."[5]
  • She is mostly recognized by her squeaky whimpers.
  • She mentions she likes rhyming.[1]



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