Three's a Crowd, Six Is a Freak Show is the 10th episode of the third season and 56th overall.

Will and Jack find out that they are both going out with the same guy. Grace tries her very best not to act shallow with a guy she really likes.


Will & Paul & Jack

The Circus Freak




  • Ken Marino (Mark)
  • Paul Fitzgerald (Paul)
  • Bob Rumnock (Salesman)


Cultural references

  • During the opening scene, Will does an impression of Mr. Spock. His fondness over Star Strek will be revisited again when George Takei guest stars as himself in the episode Buy Buy Baby.


Grace:On the Discovery Channel, they found a tumor in this guy, and it had mini-teeth and mini-hair. And when they poked it, the tumor went "Ow."
Will:It did not say, "Ow."
Grace:Well, if it'd had mini-lips, it would've.
discussing Mark's disfigurement

Do you think when you insult me that you could try to be a little more artful, hmm? You bucktoothed fairy? Will

Karen:So how long have you had the herpes?
Grace:It's not herpes. It's not even herpes adjacent.
Karen:Oh, yeah? Well, it's close enough to be invited to the herpes family picnic.
on Grace's freckle
Will:Look, for the sake of our friendship, can we both just back off and not see Paul again?
Jack:But I love him.
Will:You do not.
Jack:Maybe I'm just in love with love.
Will:Maybe you're just an idiot.

It was a weird freckle, and the doctor wanted to freeze it, and then he told me that it was going to take 10 days to heal. I mean, what made him assume that I could look awful for 10 days? Respond to that, and I will rub it all over your Prada. Gracefreezing her freckle

Jack:How could you betray me like this? We had a deal, and you stabbed me in the back... Judas. You're Judas! This is exactly what he did!
Will:Don't know that the big problem there was a gay love triangle.

What are you lookin' at, prego? Haven't you ever seen herpes before? Jeez. Fat people are so insensitive. Karen

Salesperson:This video game makes a nice birthday gift. Do you think your stepson would like that?
Karen:I don't know, honey. Can he eat it or rub up against it?
buying a gift for Mason

I got a hot date tonight. Told him I was an ombudsman. I only have 12 hours to figure out what the hell that is. Jackplanning his day

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