The Kid Stays Out of the Picture is the 3rd episode of the fifth season and the 95th overall.

The episode takes a more serious tone as a feud ensues between Will and Grace, whose second thoughts about having a baby are triggered by her infatuation with Leo.


Ep 05 03-0

And I wonder why I'm still single.

After going out with Leo on a date, Grace is confused on what to tell Will because of their promise not to date anymore now that they are trying to have kids. Grace follows Karen's advice and asks Will for more time and avoid the pressure.

However, Will later finds out that Leo is still dating Grace and confronts her about it, ending up in a serious argument about her commitment. He accuses her of being a flake even on the biggest moments of their relationship; she points out how he hates it most when she is happy. As Will walks out, Will angrily throws Grace out of their apartment, telling her, "you don't live here anymore."





Cultural references

  • Jack and Will burst into (They Long To Be) Close To You by The Carpenters.
  • Karen mentions picking up trash as community service with "that kid from The Sopranos", referring to Robert Iler who played Tony Soprano's son AJ and was arrested in 2001 for armed robbery.



The gays love their presents. Yeah, just wave something shiny in front of their faces, you can get whatever you want. That's how we got Manhattan from the gay Indians. Karen

Grace:I've got tell Will the truth-- the whole truth.
Karen:Well, maybe it's for the best. Then you and I can move on with our lives. Out in the open to love freely.
Grace:Karen, we're not a couple.
Karen:Aren't we?
Karen:Well, all I know is when I woke up this morning, there was red hair on my pillow and lesbian porn in the VCR.

Will, I found it. The single CD shower companion. 'Cause you can never have too many companions in the shower! Jackat the record store

I'll have you know, I was an extremely pretty child. Not that there's any photographs to prove that. I was the youngest of three. By then my parents were like, "He's walking. Should we get the camera? Nah. I'll remember it." Willgrowing up the youngest

Will:You skipped out on my law school graduation party before I cut the cake. That was a big deal.
Grace:It was carrot cake! That's never a big deal!

Oh, hey. Somebody got some flowers, huh?
Or as I like to call them, poor people's jewelry.

Will:Jack and I are gonna have it painted. Pink if it's a girl, and hot pink if it's a boy.
Jack:And flannel if it's a lesbian.
painting Will's old crib
Karen:Honey, what's the big deal? Just tell Wilma you need a little more time to see what's happening with cute doctor Jew.
Grace:I can't ask for more time. We're not supposed to be dating. Will's head will explode.
Karen:Honey, it will not. He cares about ya. He wants you to be happy.
Grace:You think?
telling Will about Leo
Jack:The baby's not even here yet, and you're already making Grace feel like a bad mother. There's plenty of time for that after the baby gets here. That's not what she needs now. And I should know. I am a mother.
Jack:You're a father.
Jack:Oh, difference of one letter.


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