The Honeymoon's Over is the 10th episode of the fifth season and 108th overall.

Jack is concerned that the "gay mafia" is after him. Grace returns from her honeymoon and finds Karen in need of a place to stay after she stops staying at Will's.


The Gay Mafia

After Jack kicked someone out of his acting class, he becomes afraid that the "gay mafia" is going to come after him.

Later Will meets Elton John at a restaurant.

Karen's digs

Karen is kicked out of her hotel room and due to her own actions, can't stay in any hotel in New York. She begs Will into allowing her to stay with him now that Grace had moved out. After he agreed, he learns that she is a horrible roommate. Upon Grace's return, she too learns of Karen's troubles. Will ends up calling back the hotel to get Karen's room back.


Main Cast


  • Elton John (Himself)
  • Lance Roberts (Waiter #1)
  • Wells Rosales (Waiter #2)
  • Kathleen Archer (UPS Woman)


  • At the time the episode aired, Elton John has been in a relationship with Canadian filmmaker David Furnish for over a decade. Furnish is a childhood friend of Eric McCormack from Ontario.[1] John and Furnish married in 2014.
  • The UPS Woman (played by Kathleen Archer) previously appeared in the season 2 episode Advise and Resent.

Cultural references

  • Karen greets Will and Jack as Sam and Diane, after Sam Malone and Diane Chambers, characters from sitcom Cheers and famous for being one of earliest will-they-won't-they couples on TV.
  • Jack's apartment was supposed to be used for a shooting of the series Sex and the City which starred Sarah Jessica Parker. Jack says she might bring "James Wilkie Jessica Broderick Parker", referring to her son with Matthew Broderick whose full name is just James Wilkie Broderick.
  • Jack claims that the gay mafia prevented "that NSYNC guy from going into space", referring to Lance Bass
  • While hiding from the gay mafia, Jack makes several references to the Coppola classic The Godfather (1972), a film centered around the Corleone mafia family in New York.
    • Will sarcastically asks if the gay mafia is "gonna make you a coiffure you can't refuse", parodying the Don Vito Corleone's line in the film "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse"
    • Jack claims that the gay mafia is sending him a message that he is going to "sleep with the fishes", a phrase for being killed and disposed of in the sea, which was used in the film.
  • Elton John makes references to his songs, such as "it's a little bit funny", the first line in Your Song (1970) and "this bitch will be back" from The Bitch is Back.



Jack:Remember we were making those jokes about the gay mafia? I think it's for real.
Will:Of course it is. I'm sure some gay guy's getting "whacked" as we speak.

"Sex and the City," HBO, H-O-M-O. Jack

Grace:Come on, we're newlyweds. We wanna be able to have sex without someone in the background giggling.
Karen:Honey, I won't giggle if you don't make that face you make.


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