The Fabulous Baker Boy is the 18th episode of the seventh season, and 164th overall.


Will advises Karen to liquidate her assets to save money, no longer needing employees on staff such as "Pants Hoister" and Pastry Chef since Stanley's demise. Karen agrees to let the pastry chef go.

However, when Will goes to fire Edward, he is immediately infatuated by him and ends up sleeping with him; and fires the helicopter pilot instead. Karen notices that the pastry chef is still employed and confronts Will, who convinces her to keep him.

When Karen goes to check out the pastry chef, she also has a sexual tryst with him, which Will figures out when he notices she has flour on her skirt. They confront Edward, who nonchalantly reveals that he enjoys "sexing" both Will and Karen, and that he is pansexual and doesn't believe in gay or straight. He attempts to get them both on board by telling them to kiss each other; which instantly diffuses the relationship. (It also doesn't help that he's also having sex with Rosario.) Ultimately, Edward is fired.

Meanwhile, Grace's new boyfriend Nick is trying to break into the writing industry, and asks Grace to read his screenplay and pass it along to Out TV. However, neither Grace or Jack end up reading it - Grace doesn't read it because she's afraid it will affect the way she feels about Nick if it's bad. Jack doesn't read it because "Kevin Hill was on".

Nick is frustrated when Jack lets it slip that Grace hadn't read it, and walks out. Grace relents and reads the script. She is ecstatic when she realizes that although she hates the script, it hasn't affected the way she feels about Nick. Naturally, Nick isn't happy to hear that she hated his script, but his luck turns when Jack shows up and tells Nick that Out TV is planning to adapt the script into a movie (albeit with heavy gay-themed edits). Nick ultimately ends up moving to Vancouver, and he and Grace part amicably.


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Wow, that's a toughie. Somebody's mad at you for not reading a script. If only there were a way to scan the letters on the page and somehow relay the information to your brain. Will Truman

Grace:I don't know that I approve, Will, unless he's hot.
Will:Hot? Are you kidding me? He doesn't even have to put the cookies in the oven. He just walks by them and winks.
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