The Accidental Tsuris is the eleventh episode of the sixth season and 127th overall.


When Grace's rebellious, free-loading older sister Janet comes to town to launch her new jewelry enterprise/folding table subway stand, Grace decides to put her foot down casting her sibling away. However, when her tough love prompts Janet to go corporate by taking a 9-5 job and studio apartment, Grace can't seem to handle her new image. Meanwhile, Karen continues to spurn Lyle's proposals, only to have a change of heart after Lorraine stops by for an impromptu visit, to declare her disapproval over Karen's "relationship" with her father.





  • The title is a play on the 1998 film The Accidental Tourist, for which Geena Davis won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress. "Tsuris" is a Yiddish word meaning trouble or aggravation or misery.
  • John Cleese is not credited for his role as Lyle Finster.


Wait 'til you see my new apartment. Oh, it's so great waking up knowing where I am. Without having to shout out the window, "Hey, what city is this?" Janetto Grace

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