Swimming from Cambodia is the eighth episode of the sixth season and 130th overall.


Grace comes back from Cambodia, ostensibly for her mother's 50th birthday party, but she later admits to Will that she's back for good. Her being in Cambodia with Leo wasn't working out, and there's something wrong with their marriage. She's going to stay in New York and wait for him to be done with his assignment in Cambodia. Will offers to let her move in with him again, and she happily accepts. Jack has a new tough teacher in nursing school, and when she makes Jack sad, Karen threatens her, guaranteeing Jack an A. However, when Jack starts coasting and skipping classes, he soon realizes that he actually misses his classes and studying.





Cultural references

  • Will mentions model-actress Cameron Diaz "rooting through a half-price bin" during the Barney's Sale. Diaz is one of famous celebrities often photographed by paparazzi shopping at Barney's.
  • When telling the story of a teacher she once had, Karen tells the plot of the Sidney Poitier film To Sir, With Love (1967), complete with the theme song.


Ugh, jellybeans make me mad. They shouldn't even charge you for them. Grace

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