Stuart Lamarack is a client of Will who later becomes Jack's boyfriend. He is Jack's longest romantic relationship in the show.


While in college, Stuart "experimented with heterosexuality" with his roommate Mindy which ended up the two of them having a son together, whom he frequently sees.[1]

As an entrepreneur, Stuart grew his business after inventing "stuff" in his garage and named the company Stuff I Invented in my Garage Industries. He was selling out his company when he becomes a client of Will Truman at Doucette and Stein. Stuart says that he fired his previous lawyers for not watching The Lord of the Rings movies. He quickly forms a connection with Will as they are both gay and had the same interests.[2]

Relationship with Jack

Stuart is introduced to Jack after he barges in during Stuart and Will's meeting. Stuart, who is smitten with Jack asks Will to set them up. Will obliges, and the reluctant Jack agrees after Will bribes him with and old ChapStick and all the change in his pockets, amounting 74 cents.

Jack spends a great time with Stuart and the two become close right away that Stuart insisted he stay for his meeting with Will the next day. Jack then keeps on interrupting the meeting and the annoyed Will blurts out that Jack only went out with Stuart because he paid him to. Stuart walks out upset and subsequently ignores Jack's calls, leaving him brokenhearted. After finalizing Stuart's sale of his company, Will sets him up again with an apologetic Jack. He admits he had no feelings for him before going out but then he fell in love during the four hours they spent together. They reconcile and start dating again.

After seeing Zandra's apartment renovated by Will and Grace, Stuart decides to buy it for him and Jack to live in together. However, both of them feel they have moved too quickly by moving in together and decide to sell back the apartment.

During the season 7 premiere, the two have broken up (off-screen) after Jack cheated on Stuart.[3]


  • He makes a "world-famous" peanut brittle.[4]


I don't want to get all John Wayne on your asses, but, pardner, this one's a keeper. About JackLooking for Mr. Good Enough

Jack:You love that company. You worked your whole life for that company. As a matter a fact, I think that's where you were working when we met.
Stuart:I can't believe you still remember that. Will, can you believe this?
Will:Yes, I can. Because it was yesterday.
, Ice Cream Balls


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