Stakin' Care of Business is the 11th episode of the fourth season and 82nd overall.

Grace tries to get a loan from Karen for the expansion of Grace Adler Designs. At the gym, Will finds out that he has become a rebound guy in a discontented love triangle. Jack decides on his catchphrase at the gym.



Ep 04 11-0

"Either that or I'll pants you in public. Let's go with that."

Will and Jack run into Mitchell, Will's rebound guy after his break-up with Michael. Ashamed for not returning Mitchell's calls, Will apologizes and they catch up.

At the same gym, Will also meets Curt, who agrees to go out on a date with him. After their date, Will realizes that Curt is avoiding him. Will confronts him and finds out that he has become Curt's rebound guy on his break-up with a guy who turns out to be Mitchell.

The Grace Adler Designs Expansion Project

Grace decides to expand her office but gets denied of a loan by the bank. Karen says she will help provided that Grace does a presentation of what she does because she might just "buy Ms. Pac-Man machines and pizza ovens".

However, as soon as Grace is finished the tedious presentation, Karen denies her as well and abruptly leaves, leaving Grace shocked and angry. Karen however gets stuck on the faulty freight elevator and Grace leaves her there to go to the movies. When she returns she asks Karen why she made her go through all the trouble just to be rejected. Karen in a fit of business knowledge reasons out that she thinks Grace's business will fare better with a smaller office space, and that she did not want to ruin Grace's dream of expansion.




  • Patrick Breen (Mitchell)
  • Dan Gauthier (Curt)
  • Bess Meyer (Marcy)
  • Ashley Borden (Personal Trainer)
  • Josh Temple (Guy)



  • Grace mentions that she has been running her design firm for 5 years, meaning she started it in 1996.
  • First of the few episodes not to feature Will's apartment.

Cultural references

  • When Karen tells her labor union story, she tells the plot of the film Norma Rae (1979).
  • Jack insults Marcy's catchphrase "Ooh yeah!" by asking if she got it at "Lame Phrases R Us", after the Toys R Us retail company.
  • Jack describes Macy as a "female version of Liz Smith", the openly bisexual gossip columnist on Live at Five (1979–1990).
  • Curt calls using Will as rebound a "gay catch and release program", after the immigration policy in the US where illegal immigrants caught are released until their court hearing.


Oh, yeah? Well, I know that in today's uncertain economic climate, people are taking a long, hard look at any purchase that could be considered a luxury item, e.g., interior design. Then, when you factor in the leading economic indicator i.e., winter housing starts, the negligible impact of the recent interest rate cuts, decline in occupancy rates in corporate office space, it just seems to me that a smaller company will be better equipped to respond to shifting market forces, but I guess you probably already knew that! Karenher knowledge on business

Will:Who's that guy?
Jack:That guy? Um, I don't know. He's that guy. You know, what's-his-name... Generic McPlain-Wrap.
Seeing Mitchell at the gym

Come on, Karen. I'm listening. Why do you deserve to be out in the world among decent people? Gracelooking for a reason to release Karen

Stake it! Jackhis gym catchphrase

Don't do that. Don't lie. Not here. This is a gym. This is gay church. Will

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