Someone Old, Someplace New is the 17th episode of the fourth season and 88th overall.

As present for Karen's birthday, Jack and Rosario find someone from Karen's past. Will and Grace are in search of a bigger apartment.


Someone Old

Jack is filming clips for a presentation on Karen's birthday by "figuring out who [she] is by how [she] spends". While going through her checkbook, he finds deposits to a Lois Whitley. When he asks Karen who she is, Karen panics and leaves.

Jack enlists Rosario's help as cameraman and searches Lois' identity and they end up at a bar in Yonkers where they finally meet her. Jack asks her relationship with Karen and she reveals she is her mother. When Jack brings her in as a surprise at Karen's birthday, Karen storms out.

Someplace New

Feeling that their constantly on top of each other, Will and Grace decide to look for a bigger apartment so they can have more privacy (instead of living separately). They stumble upon several apartments, including that of Sandra Bernhard which they had previously visited.

They eventually fell in love with an apartment three times than they wanted to pay. To be able to afford it, they sublet their old apartment to Rob and Ellen who are about to have their baby.





Cultural references


Santa Maria, it has a mother! Rosariofinding Karen's mother

Karen:Why a filthy bar in Yonkers?
Jack:Because...if you take out filthy and Yonkers, what are you left with?
Karen:A bar. See, now, that's why you're the president of "Nothing, Incorporated."
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