So Long, Division is the 7th episode of the tenth season and 217th overall which was aired from NBC on November 29, 2018.


Will convinces Grace that her boyfriend, Noah isn't in the wrong by refusing to let her meet his daughter, Katie. When Grace goes to apologize to Noah, she unintentionally meets Katie. Meanwhile, Will's mom, Marilyn visits after the death of her beloved dog and becomes upset when she doesn't get the emotional support she expects from her son. And Jack gets into an argument with his rec center boss, Theo. Between Which Is More Oppressed: Gay Or Black But It Later Escalates To Latino, Muslim, Women, Asians, Fat & The Elderly




  • David Schwimmer (Noah Broader)
  • Blythe Danner (Marilyn Truman)
  • Derek Gaines (Theodore)
  • Cleo Fraser (Katie)
  • A.J. Castro (Elias)
  • Iyad Hajjaj (Machmud)
  • Deborah Levin (Dana)
  • Mike Nojun Park (Todd Fung)
  • Brad Grunberg (Ralph)
  • Irene Roseen (Doris)
  • Dan Warner (Doug)


  • This isn't the first time Karen has had a dog with the name Shu-Shu. In the episode, Boo! Humbug (Season 1, Episode 5) her drag name was revealed to be Shu-Shu Fontana, based on the name of her first pet and the street she grew up on.



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