Sissy was Jack's babysitter when he was growing up and again briefly as an adult.


As a teenager, Sissy babysat children in their neighborhood including Jack McFarland. After highschool, she decided she needed a change so she got a Eurail pass and babysat her way through Europe.

After running into Jack at the coffee house, Sissy gets hired by Jack to baby sit him again. After Will convinces him he's too old to have a babysitter, Jack lets Sissy go. She shares how heartbreaking being a babysitter is when all the kids outgrow her and she never sees them again.


  • She used to have braces.
  • Some references list Sissy's last name as Palmer-Ginsburg, though it is never mentioned in the show.


Why does everyone outgrow me? Women and Children First

I know being a babysitter is all flashy and ooh-la-la. But you don't know the heartbreak behind it. Women and Children First

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