Sheila is the nurse at the New York Family Clinic where Grace and Will try artificial insemination. She reappears in several other episodes, including one where she is pregnant.


Sheila was a porn actress some time before working as a nurse, something she shared after Will's graduation speech touched her. She implies that working in porn was her dream job.

She first appears when Will goes to the sperm bank on 33rd to deposit sperm for his high school friend Claire. She appears again when Will and Grace try artificial insemination.

During season 8, Nurse Sheila, heavily pregnant at the time attends the same Lamaze class as Will, Grace and Vince. She reveals to Will that after she got fired from the fertility clinic, she kept his sperm on his freezer for eight months. However she mentions Will is not the father of her baby but rather a married Irish guy because she wants to "be able to drink with [her] kid."

In 2017, she is working as a gynaecologist nurse and looks after Grace when she has a health scare, she recognises her from the sperm bank.



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