Season 9 is the ninth season (sometimes referred to as Season 1 of the revival series) of Will & Grace which premiered on September 28, 2017 and concluded on April 5, 2018, with a consists of 16 episodes.


Following the success of #VoteHoney released in September 2016, NBC announced that the network is exploring the idea of putting Will & Grace back into production, 10 years after the 2006 finale.[1]

In January 2017, NBC announced that the show would return for a 12-episode limited series during the 2017–18 season where all four of the main cast would return, as well as director James Burrows.[2] An additional four episodes were ordered on August 3, 2017 for a total of 16, also a tenth season was ordered.[3] Also on the same day, co-producer Max Mutchnick stated that Shelley Morrison who played Rosario Salazar since the first season, is retired and will not be returning.[4]

Several recurring cast members have also been announced to be returning including Leslie Jordan[5], Minnie Driver[6], Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez, Michael Angarano, Molly Shannon, Alec Baldwin and Bobby Cannavale[7]. Additionally, new guest stars appear including Emmy Award winner Jane Lynch and Tony Award winners Andrew Rannells[8] and Ben Platt[9]. Some characters which appeared in the original series have been recast including Grace's father Martin Adler (now played by Robert Klein) and Will's ex-boyfriend Michael (now played by Cheyenne Jackson).

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WILL & GRACE Season 9 MUSICAL TRAILER (2017) nbc Series

WILL & GRACE Season 9 MUSICAL TRAILER (2017) nbc Series

Will & Grace Season 9 Promos - NBC

Will & Grace Season 9 Promos - NBC


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Title Writer Director Original air date
195 1 The Return: 11 Years Later David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows September 28, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 10.08.01 PM
With both Will and Grace going through painful break-ups, Grace moves back in with Will. They all, unknowingly, end up at the White House with Karen snagging Grace an opportunity to decorate the Oval Office, and Will getting the chance to meet the Congressman that he has been flirting with. Both keep their plans from each other, knowing that neither would approve. Thankfully, Jack is there to clean up the mess when Will and Grace inevitably find out the other has been keeping secrets.
196 2 Who's Your Daddy Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows October 5, 2017
Who's Your Daddy
Will and Jack struggle with the harsh reality that they are much older than they used to be when they begin to date younger guys. Grace comes to the realization that she needs Karen more than she thought she did.
197 3 Emergency Contact Nina Pedrad James Burrows October 12, 2017
Emergency Contact
After having a breast biopsy, Grace is reunited with her ex-husband, Leo, when he’s brought in as her emergency contact. While Jack teaches music to kids at a community center, Karen helps a girl become a young woman.
198 4 Grandpa Jack Alex Herschlag James Burrows October 19, 2017
Grandpa Jack
When Jack gets reunited with his son, Elliot, he learns he has a grandson, Skip, who happens to be gay. While Will and Jack try to bail out Skip from a reform camp, Karen helps Grace get back her sexuality.
199 5 How to Succeed in Business Without Really Crying Suzanne Martin & John Quaintance James Burrows October 26, 2017
How to Succeed in Bussiness Without Crying
Grace tries for her biggest job yet: decorating a string of boutique hotels for an obnoxious mogul. Meanwhile, Will is surprised at his reaction to making Senior Partner; Beverley Leslie discloses his secret to Karen; and Jack owns half of a winning lottery ticket.
200 6 Rosario's Quinceañera Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows November 2, 2017
Rosario's Quinceanera
When Karen's has trouble dealing with a personal tragedy, Will, Grace, and Jack's try to intervene. Will and Grace's new business relationship begins to show signs of stress. Minnie Driver guest stars.
201 7 A Gay Olde Christmas John Quaintance James Burrows December 5, 2017
A Gay Olde Christmas
On Christmas Eve, Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen stop at a historical museum to let Grace use the restroom; however, the museum requires them to take the tour to allow her to use it. All four find themselves on a more "interactive" tour than they bargained for.
202 8 Friends and Lover Suzanne Martin James Burrows January 4, 2018
Friends and Lover
Will and Grace take a bread-making class and both end up falling for the celebrity teacher, Jackson Boudreaux. Jack and Karen struggle to get a catchy jingle out of their heads.
203 9 There's Something About Larry Alex Herschlag James Burrows January 11, 2018
There's Something About Larry
Will and Grace learn that Larry has a major crush on Will, and Jack and Karen fight off the craziness of Val, who's after Karen's friendship.
204 10 The Wedding David Kohan & Max Mutchnick & Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows Janaury 18, 2018
The Wedding
Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen attend the wedding of Will's ex-boyfriend, Vince. While Grace tries to keep Will from making a scene, Jack learns that his wedding hook-up has many strings attached.
205 11 Staten Island Fairy David Kohan & Max Mutchnick (Story), John Quaintance (Teleplay) James Burrows February 1, 2018
Staten Island Ferry
While Will and Grace venture into their next business move, selling bed linens on QVC, Jack's new love interest outs himself to his wife.
206 12 Three Wise Men Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows March 1, 2018
Three Wise Men
Grace is shocked when she realized she slept with three men (the grandfather, the father, and the son) in the same family. Will and Karen spy on her staff at her mansion and produce a telenovela of them.
207 13 Sweatshop Annie & the Annoying Baby Shower John Quaintance James Burrows March 8, 2018
Sweatshop Annie and the Annoying Baby Shower
Will and Grace go to Ellen's niece's baby shower. While Jack is shooting scenes with Jennifer Lopez for Shades of Blue, Karen is put in charge of the kids in his acting class.
208 14 The Beefcake & the Cake Beef Suzanne Martin James Burrows March 15, 2018
The Beefcake and the Cake Beef
Grace and Karen cause commotion at a bakery when it refuses to make a cake for the President. Jack cautions Will about moving too fast in his new relationship with his ex, Michael.
209 15 One Job Suzanne Martin & Alex Herschlag James Burrows March 29, 2018
One Job
Will and Grace go to Schenectady to celebrate Bobbi Adler's birthday. When Jack gets dumped by Drew, he goes to Karen for support, only to find that she's cheating on Stan with Malcolm.
210 16 It's a Family Affair David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows April 5, 2018
It's a Family Affair
Will and Grace end up in an awkward position after Grace invites Will's mom, Marilyn, over as revenge for Will inviting Martin, Grace's dad, to move in. While Malcolm makes Karen choose between him and Stan, Jack gets over Drew by romancing a flight attendant, Estefan. A double proposal ensues.


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