The seventh season of Will & Grace premiered on September 16, 2004 and concluded on April 29, 2005. It consisted of 24 episodes.


The story continues after the Season 6 finale, with the admittance of Leo's infidelity, Karen's whirlwind marriage (and divorce), Jack's budding career as a back-up dancer and Will's new relationship with Vince.

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Title Writer Director Original air date
147 1 FYI: I Hurt, Too Alex Herschlag & Dave Flebotte James Burrows September 16, 2004
Jack and Jennifer Lopez return from her summer tour to relax, but a pushy Karen recruits Jack to help her get J-Lo's attention for her newly written song, "FYI: I Hurt, Too." Meanwhile, Grace takes out her frustrations over her cheating husband Leo on a beat-up Will.
148 2 Back Up, Dancer Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows September 23, 2004
Jack auditions as a backup dancer for Janet Jackson. Meanwhile, Grace comes between Will and Vince.
149 3 One Gay at a Time Sally Bradford James Burrows September 30, 2004
Free food lures Grace to AA, where she links up again with wacky Val; a new gay TV network relishes Jack's earthy ideas, like a nude variation of "Jeopardy."
150 4 Company Bill Wrubel James Burrows October 7, 2004
Will and Grace invite a new neighbor over for dinner. Meanwhile, Jack feels he can't relate to his new co-workers after they mock him about his Cher doll.
151 5 Key Party Sonja Warfield James Burrows October 14, 2004
Vince - Edited
Vince has the perfect gift for Will's birthday -- until Grace convinces him otherwise. Meanwhile, Karen is depressed because Will's birthday coincides with her late husband Stan's birthday.
152 6 The Newlydreads Kate Angelo James Burrows October 21, 2004
Karen takes over when Grace can't handle a newlywed couple. Will convinces Jack to aid a local gay-bookstore owner to save his store from closing.
153 7 Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine Gary Janetti James Burrows November 4, 2004
Will and Grace invite Vince and his straight female friend, Nadine, over for dinner and her sweetness belies a deep-rooted jealousy. Meanwhile, Karen's stint as Jack's assistant at Out TV proves disastrous.
154 8 Saving Grace, Again (Part 1) Greg Malins James Burrows November 11, 2004
Karengrace - Edited
Memories of Leo haunt Grace as their wedding anniversary nears and she readies to get back in the dating game. Meanwhile, Karen and Jack fix each other up on dates, which, of course, turn out disastrously.
155 9 Saving Grace, Again (Part 2) Gail Lerner James Burrows November 18, 2004
Gracesaving - Edited
Will and Grace go on a road trip for Grace's getaway weekend, while Jack signs up a has-been commercial star for the Out TV spokesman.
156-157 10-11 Queens For a Day Kirk J. Rudell James Burrows November 25, 2004
When Vince's mother injures her leg and is unable to make her traditional Italian Thanksgiving, Will comes to the rescue by offering to make his own special dinner -- but Vince's slap-happy mother refuses to give Will any credit. Meanwhile, Jack gives Vince's sister Ro a few pointers on a big secret she is keeping from her family and fiancé. Elsewhere, Grace and Karen get very cozy with Vince's much younger cousin.
158 12 Christmas Break Bill Wrubel James Burrows December 9, 2004
Christmas break
Grace attends a holiday party at Will's mother's home and accidentally breaks a treasured Lladro figurine. Meanwhile, Karen's reunited with her stepdaughter, whose connivances are known to Jack.
159 13 Board Games Sally Bradford James Burrows January 6, 2005
Board - Edited
A spiteful magnate seeks to bankrupt Karen over a high-school affront that scarred his psyche. Meanwhile, Grace and Jack run into Vince while playing hooky from work.
160 14 Partners Alex Herschlag James Burrows January 13, 2005
Will's shrewd boss hosts a posh party to size up associates who are anxious for a full partnership in the firm. At the fete, the competition turns testy, and Grace winds up schmoozing with the boss's spouse.
161 15 Bully Woolley Greg Malins James Burrows February 3, 2005
Patti - Edited
Using an alias, Scott Woolley hires Grace to design his new restaurant under the condition Grace fires Karen. Meanwhile, Jack takes Will out to the club to get his mind off Vince, but ends up ditching him.
162 16 Dance Cards & Greeting Cards Gail Lerner James Burrows February 10, 2005
Chita - Edited
Grace meets a hunky greeting card writer on Valentine's day as Karen's former nemesis Scott Woolley tries to win her heart by showering her with gifts.
163 17 The Birds and the Bees Steve Gabriel James Burrows February 17, 2005
Aaron - Edited
Grace has a hot date with a new beau, and an uncomfortable Will is talked into coming along so Grace doesn't get out of control. Meanwhile, Jack has the hots for nerdy bird-watcher Aaron.
164 18 The Fabulous Baker Boy Kate Angelo James Burrows February 24, 2005
A pastry chef frosts Karen, who wants the fellow fired by Will. Trouble is, he's attracted to the guy and his concoctions. Also, Grace's new beau is humbled by Jack, who, in turn, gets a dressing-down from Grace.
165 19 Sour Balls Laura Kightlinger James Burrows March 17, 2005
Will-and-Grace-Smitty - Edited
Will and Jack invest in a house at a "big, hot, gay getaway" in upstate New York. Meanwhile, Ellen asks Grace to babysit her three children, but changes her mind when she finds out Will is out of town.
166 20 The Blonde Leading the Blind Sonja Warfield James Burrows April 21, 2005
Sharon stone
Noted shrink Dr. Georgia Keller gives short shrift to Will and full attention to Grace, an "interesting" case study for the therapist's new book. Meanwhile, eyeglasses redefine reality for Karen.
167 21 It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World Jordana Arkin James Burrows May 5, 2005
Jack secretly sets Will up for his new show on OutTV, "Pink'd". Grace and Karen go golfing with Grace's father and his buddy.
168 22 From Queer to Eternity Barry Langer James Burrows May 10, 2005
Qte - Edited
Grace has a "near death" experience while shopping and decides to have Will draw up her will. Meanwhile, Jack discovers that someone is using the "McFarland Method" to teach acting classes.
169 23 Friends with Benefits Jon Kinnally & Tracy Poust James Burrows May 19, 2005
Beverley - Edited
Having quit his job at the law firm, Will turns to a career in writing. Meanwhile, Tom, an old flame from college, returns to ask Grace to design a hotel while Jack struggles to produce his latest show for OutTV; Karen is forced to apologize to Beverley.
170 24 Kiss and Tell Gary Janetti James Burrows May 19, 2005
Kiss - Edited
Will becomes suspicious of his new boss and he discovers a startling secret about an old friend. Meanwhile, Grace quits the hotel design job when Tom can no longer hide his feelings; Jack is promoted to host of his own talk show with Karen as co-host.
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