The sixth season of Will & Grace originally aired from September 25, 2003 to April 29, 2004. It consists of 24 episodes.

Due to Debra Messing's pregnancy during the season, Grace does not appear in five episodes: "Heart Like a Wheelchair", "I Never Cheered for my Father", "Speechless", "I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't".


The story continues after the season 5 finale where Will & Jack wake up in bed naked together.

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Title Writer Director Original air date
123 1 Dames at Sea Adam Barr James Burrows September 25, 2003
Anxiety occupies Will and Jack, who dread they may have had sex together; and spousal jealousy afflicts Grace, who's concerned that Leo is having an affair while on his medical mission in Guatemala.
124 2 Last Ex to Brooklyn Alex Herschlag James Burrows October 2, 2003
Diane - Edited
Tipsy fashion editor Diane -- Leo's old flame -- has a dinner-party revelation: she once had sex with Will in a college dorm. The news vexes Grace, whose jealousy has an impact upon Leo.
125 3 Home Court Disadvantage Jhoni Marchinko James Burrows October 9, 2003
Grace and Leo join Karen for a friendly game of tennis at her exclusive country club. A visit with Will's melancholy mom tests Jack's fear of her.
126 4 Me and Mr. Jones James Burrows October 23, 2003
138427864 - Edited
 Jack lands a speaking role opposite James Earl Jones in an off-Broadway play. Meanwhile, Will and his mother continue their living arrangement, despite a secret desire to part ways; and Grace finds a way to save money at the gym. 
127 5 A-Story, Bee-Story James Burrows October 30, 2003
Leo does not get what he expects when he turns to Will to help rekindle his love of New York; Karen coaches Jack for the annual gay spelling bee.
128 6 Heart Like a Wheelchair James Burrows November 6, 2003
140933086 - Edited
Lonesome Will is embarrassed to be seen in public rolling along with his mom and her broken foot and bumps into a bachelor doing the same with his mother. Meanwhile, Karen tries to track Lorraine down only to discover her father Lyle.
129 7 Nice in White Satin James Burrows November 13, 2003
Pressured by Will, Karen decides it's time for her annual Walker corporate physical. Jack finds his true calling--student nursing--and begs Will and Karen to support this new endeavor.
130 8 Swimming from Cambodia James Burrows November 20, 2003
Swimming from Cambodia
A marital crisis upsets Grace, who reluctantly confides in Will after leaving Leo in Cambodia; nursing school flusters Jack, intimidated by a no-nonsense instructor who gets set straight by Karen.
131 9 Strangers with Candice James Burrows December 4, 2003
Bergen - Edited
Will catches the eye of a female diner after being stood up; Grace bumps into a man with whom she once shared a forgettable encounter; Karen runs into her nemesis, Candice Bergen.
132 10 Fanilow James Burrows December 11, 2003
140933108 - Edited
A Barry Manilow concert enthuses Will, an avid fan not above coming on to a staffer with direct access to the star. Meanwhile, Grace discovers her mother has cancelled their annual shopping spree to have dinner with Jack.
133 11 The Accidental Tsuris James Burrows January 15, 2004
138376904 - Edited
Grace's free-loading sister comes to town to launch her latest business enterprise; Karen spurns Lyle's proposals but has a change of heart when Lorraine expresses her disapproval.
134 12 A Gay/December Romance James Burrows January 22, 2004
138380571 - Edited
A rich plastic surgeon tries to buy Will's affection; Grace boycotts a new restaurant.
135 13 Ice Cream Balls James Burrows February 10, 2004
Icecream - Edited
Will's slightly eccentric new client falls for Jack, who refuses his advances. Meanwhile, Grace and Karen discover hidden money while trying to fix the plumbing in Leo's cabin.
136 14 Looking for Mr. Good Enough James Burrows February 19, 2004
138376916 - Edited
Will is the only single man in a cooking class full of couples, including Jack and his new boyfriend; Karen's mother asks Grace to decorate her apartment.
137 15 Flip-Flop: Part One James Burrows February 26, 2004
Ep 06 15
Will and Grace begin a business venture selling apartments; Jack runs into his former acting mentor, Zandra; Karen and Lyle try to renew romance.
138 16 Flip-Flop: Part 2 James Burrows March 4, 2004
138426009 - Edited
The Karen-Lyle affair founders, thanks to willful Lorraine; the Jack-Stuart liaison loses luster, giving Will and Grace a chance to resell the guys' apartment for a much higher price.
139 17 East Side Story James Burrows March 11, 2004
138427446 - Edited
Will and Grace clash with lesbian apartment flipper champs. Meanwhile, Karen seeks the spiritual guidance of psychic John Edward.
140 18 Courting Disaster James Burrows March 18, 2004
Speeding lands Karen a ticket from a stoic cop, whose court appearance holds a surprise for Will. Another revelation stems from Jack's mistrust of Stuart, espied in a movie theater with a much younger fellow.
141 19 No Sex 'n' the City James Burrows March 24, 2004
Bebe - Edited
Will makes the mistake of taking Grace's advice on love, playing hard-to-get with his new pseudo-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jack and Karen despair after learning their favorite TV series will be going off the air.
142 20 Fred Astaire and Ginger Chicken James Burrows April 1, 2004
Grace meets Vince, but abruptly leaves shortly after; Jack auditions replacements for Karen because he thinks her marriage will end their friendship.
143 21 I Never Cheered for My Father James Burrows April 8, 2004
I Never Cheered for my Father
At Tina's urging, Will tries to find out if there is a new woman in his father's life. Meanwhile, Elliot asks for Jack's help when he tries out for the high-school cheerleading squad.
144 22 Speechless James Burrows April 22, 2004
138369197 - Edited
On the eve of his graduation from nursing school, a nervous Jack turns to Will for help writing his commencement address.
145 - 146 23 - 24 I Do. Oh, No, You Di-in't James Burrows April 29, 2004
140696745 - Edited
Karen and Lyle fly to Las Vegas to elope. Meanwhile, Leo returns from Cambodia.
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