The fourth season of Will & Grace premiered on September 27, 2001 and concluded on May 16, 2002. It consists of 27 episodes.

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Title Writer Director Original air date
72 1 The Third Wheel Gets the Grace David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows September 27, 2001
Ep 04 01
Nathan starts to feel like the third wheel in her relationship with Grace because of Will. Rosario and Karen celebrate their anniversary. Jack helps Elliot buy new clothes for school.
73 2 Past and Presents Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows October 4, 2001
Ep 04 02
For Nathan's birthday, Grace is furious with Karen for giving him a motorcycle. Will relives his childhood woes when bully Kevin Wolchek terrorizes him again in the office.
74 3 Crouching Father, Hidden Husband Adam Barr James Burrows October 11, 2001
Ep 04 03
Grace agrees to go as Elliot's to his school dance but Jack uncontrollably steals the spotlight. Will starts to feel annoyed that Karen is treating him like help.
75 4 Prison Blues Alex Herschlag James Burrows October 18, 2001
Ep 04 04
Will tries to overcome his fear of speaking in front of the camera by attending Zandra's class with Jack. Grace tries to comfort Karen while her husband Stan is in prison by staying over the mansion for the night.
76 5 Loose Lips Sink Relationships Kari Lizer James Burrows October 25, 2001
Ep 04 05
Because of Karen's advise, Grace and Nathan feel that their relationship is in trouble because of the number of their previous sexual partners. Jack sets Will up with her boss Dorlene without him knowing.
77 6 Rules of Engagement Jeff Greenstein James Burrows November 1, 2001
Ep 04 06
Nathan proposes to Grace during sex which appalls her. She soon realizes that she does in fact want to marry Nathan so she and her friends plan for her to propose.
78 7 Bed, Bath and Beyond Jhoni Marchinko James Burrows November 8, 2001
Ep 04 07
Will, Jack and Karen try to help the bedridden Grace cope with her recent break up with Nathan.
79 8 Star-Spangled Banter Cynthia Mort James Burrows November 15, 2001
Will and Grace argue about the politicians they should be supporting. Jack worries that his son Elliot does not get along with Karen.
80 - 81 9 - 10 Moveable Feast Kari Lizer James Burrows November 22, 2001
Ep 04 09
Will, Grace, Jack and Karen all try to spend time with each other's families one by one on Thanksgiving. However they leave each one on a bad note.
82 11 Stakin' Care of Business Adam Barr James Burrows January 4, 2001
Ep 04 11
Will and Jack are caught in a drama at the gym. Grace tries to get a loan from Karen complete with a presentation to be able to upgrade her business but she denies it to her in the end.
83 12 Jingle Balls Laura Kightlinger James Burrows December 13, 2001
Ep 04 12
Jack takes away an opportunity for Grace to design a window at Barneys. Will is reluctant to introduce the guy he has been seeing, a ballet dancer named Robert.
84 13 Whoa, Nelly! Adam Barr James Burrows January 10, 2002
Ep 04 13
Karen buys a horse in the hopes of breeding it but Jack finds out that the horse is gay. Will and Grace set their gay friend Larry with Will's father's mistress Tina hoping to save his parents' marriage.
85 14 Grace in the Hole Bill Wrubel James Burrows January 17, 2002
Ep 04 14
Grace she bumps into an old crush from high school while visiting Stan in prison. She soon finds out he is an inmate. Rosario challenges Jack and Karen to live like prisoners to make them realize Stan's situation.
86 15 Dyeing is Easy, Comedy is Hard Darlene Hunt James Burrows January 31, 2002
Ep 04 15-0
Will and Grace go to her ex-fiance's wedding and she begins to regret leaving him at the altar. Jack is visited by the mother of his biological son Elliot.
87 16 A Chorus Lie Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows February 7, 2002
Ep 04 15
Jack competes with a straight man pretending to be gay as they both try out for the New York Gay Men's Chorus. Grace who has been feeling she has lost her sex appeal helps out by seducing him. Will accompanies Karen to a Valentines Party where she tells everyone he is a prostitute.
88 17 Someone Old, Someplace New Story by Jeff Greenstein
Teleplay by Jhoni Marchinko & Alex Herschlag
James Burrows February 28, 2002
Ep 04 16
Apartment hunting busies Will and Grace; prying into Karen's mysterious past preoccupies Jack.
89 18 Something Borrowed, Someone's Due Story by Kari Lizer
Teleplay by Bill Wrubel & Adam Barr
James Burrows March 7, 2002
Ep 04 18
Will and Grace move into their dream apartment, but find that they miss their old one; Karen's mother recruits her for one last scam.
90 19 Cheatin' Trouble Blues Alex Herschlag James Burrows March 28, 2002
Ep 04 19-1
Will presents his newly reconciled parents with a cruise for their anniversary, but their individual secrets ruin his hopes.
91 20 Went to a Garden Potty Story by Sally Bradford
Teleplay by Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally
James Burrows April 4, 2002
Ep 04 20
Grace accidentally beheads Will's beloved garden gnome; Jack plays it straight for a mattress TV ad.
92 21 He Shoots, They Snore Sally Bradford James Burrows April 11, 2002
Ep 04 21
Chaperoning Jack's son occupies Will at Elliot's basketball tourney; teaching a design seminar challenges Grace.
93 22 Wedding Balls Laura Kightlinger James Burrows April 18, 2002
Ep 04 22
Grace plans a wedding for Will's cousin; Jack becomes jealous of Karen and Will's book club.
94 23 Fagel Attraction Jenji Kohan James Burrows April 25, 2002
Ep 04 23
Will's laptop computer is stolen and a detective promises to help him find it; Meanwhile, psycho neighbor Val opens a rival design business; and Jack takes part in gay group therapy.
95 24 Hocus Focus Sally Bradford James Burrows May 2, 2002
Ep 04 24
Will and Grace win a photo session with a famous photographer. Meanwhile, Karen helps Jack with his new magic show.
96 25 A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin' David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows May 9, 2002
Ep 04 25
Parenthood prospects fluster Will and Grace, who consider having a baby; a conjugal visit vexes Karen; a Broadway audition rattles Jack.
97 - 98 26 - 27 A.I.: Artificial Insemination Story by Kari Lizer and Jhoni Marchinko
Teleplay by Adam Barr, Jeff Greenstein & Alex Herschlag
James Burrows May 16, 2002
Ep 04 26
Obstacles pile up before Will and Grace's baby-making plans. Meanwhile, Jack considers giving up show-business and Karen is tempted by a smooth-talking man-about-town.
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