The third season of Will & Grace originally aired from October 12, 2000 to May 17, 2001. It consisted of 25 episodes.

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Title Writer Director Original air date
47 1 New Will City David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows October 12, 2000
Will returns from the Virgin Islands and finds Grace and Jack have bonded a little too much. Rosario gets arrested because of Karen's smuggled black pearls.
48 2 Fear and Clothing Adam Barr James Burrows October 19, 2000
Grace's apartment almost gets broken into so she crowds in with Will and Jack across the hall. Karen still is in a feud with Jack concerning his marriage to Rosario.
49 3 Husbands and Trophy Wives Kari Lizer James Burrows October 19, 2000
Will and Jack are stunned when their favorite party-boy couple become dads; Karen fears losing her cushy position as Stan's trophy wife.
50 4 Girl Trouble Alex Herschlag James Burrows October 26, 2000
Grace gets an intern who turns out to be just like Karen. Will and Jack rehearse a skit for the gay sensitivity seminar at the police station.
51 5 Grace 0, Jack 2000 Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows November 2, 2000
Grace decides to break up with Will's boss Ben but he somehow refuses. Jack vamps up his career by performing the sequel to Just Jack.
52 6 Love Plus One Richard Rosenstock James Burrows November 9, 2000
Grace's old boyfriend Nicholas invites her to a threeway with his girlfriend.
53 7 Gypsies, Tramps and Weed Katie Palmer James Burrows November 16, 2000
Gypsies, Tramps and Weed
While celebrating Will's birthday, Grace gets a waiter fired. Out of guilt, she hires him and finds out he's a drug dealer.
54 & 55 8 - 9 Lows in the Mid-Eighties Jeff Greenstein James Burrows November 23, 2000
Will and Grace recall the history of their odd relationship, including his coming out and the impact it made on their lives.
56 10 Three's a Crowd, Six is a Freak Show Jhoni Marchinko James Burrows December 14, 2000
Grace has trouble accepting her new beau when she learns he has six toes on one of his feet.
57 11 Coffee & Commitment Adam Barr James Burrows January 4, 2001
Karen helps Jack overcome his addiction. Will worries that Grace has become his wife as they all attend Joe and Larry's commitment ceremony.
58 12 Swimming Pools... Movie Stars Katie Palmer James Burrows January 11, 2001
While looking at open houses to snoop on celebrity houses, Will impulsively signs the lease for Sandra Bernhard's apartment. Jack encourages Karen to attend her stepson Mason's swim meet.
59 13 Crazy in Love Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows February 1, 2001
After snooping through Grace's datebook and finding a letter from her therapist, Jack and Karen deduce that Grace is a psycho. Will, desperate to keep seeing sportscaster Matt, tries baseball for the first time.
60 14 Brothers, a Love Story David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows February 8, 2001
Will's romance becomes strained because Matt is still in the closet. Karen reads Stan's will.
61 15 My Uncle the Car Kari Lizer James Burrows February 15, 2001
Grace regrets selling her late uncle's old car to a nun and attempts to get it back. Karen catches Rosario moonlighting at Beverley Leslie's.
62 & 63 16 - 17 Cheaters Alex Herschlag James Burrows February 22, 2001
Grace catches Will's father with a glamorous stranger. Karen thinks Stan is cheating on her.
64 18 Mad Dogs and Average Men Adam Barr James Burrows March 15, 2001
Variations on the dating game find Will cold to a fawning beau and Grace hot for Karen's handsome nephew.
65 19 Poker? I Don't Even Like Her Jeanette Collins & Mimi Friedman James Burrows March 29, 2001
Grace ruins Will's weekly poker game; Jack and Karen target a plastic surgery guinea pig.
66 20 An Old-Fashioned Piano Party Jhoni Marchinko, Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows April 19, 2001
Grace buys a new piano to solidify her relationship with Will. Jack's juicy novel-in-progress turns Karen on.
67 21 The Young and the Tactless Jeff Greenstein James Burrows April 26, 2001
Ep 03 19
Grace attempts to get rid of her slovenly new neighbor. Karen dumps her mother-in-law on Will and Jack.
68 22 Alice Doesn't Lisp Here Anymore Sally Bradford James Burrows May 3, 2001
False assumptions vex Grace, who's attending the funeral of classmate she once tormented; and Jack, who's getting all dolled up for a gay cabaret awards event.
69 23 Last of the Really Odd Lovers Kari Lizer James Burrows May 10, 2001
Ep 03 21-0
Anxieties plague the romance between Grace and the annoying Nathan, and between Will and a much younger guy.
70 & 71 24 - 25 Sons and Lovers David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows May 17, 2001
Grace tries to keep the peace between her slovenly boyfriend and a resentful Will; Jack plans to meet his father for the first time.