Season 10 is the tenth season (sometimes referred to as Season 2 of the revival series) of Will & Grace which was premiered on October 4, 2018. It was announced on August 3, 2017 by NBC along with the additional four episodes for the ninth season.[1]

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

Cameo Cast

  • Livia Treviño as Mrs. Timmer
  • Charles C Stevenson Jr as Smitty
  • Samuel Faraci as Skip
  • Yelyna De Leon as Blanca
  • Clinton Leupp as Miss Coco Peru
  • Martha Kelly as Patty


Will & Grace - Season 10 - Who's Getting Married This Season? (Promo)

Will & Grace - Season 10 - Who's Getting Married This Season? (Promo)


No. in
No. in
Title Writer Director Original air date
211 1 The West Side Curmudgeon John Quaintance James Burrows October 4, 2018
Grace's accidental run-in with Noah is a curmudgeonly man she follows on Twitter, hints at a possible new love interest. Jack wants to look younger before meeting Estefan's family on Skype but makes a terrible first impression after overdoing the numbing cream before his facial procedure. Meanwhile, Will helps Karen protect the intellectual property rights of her most prized possession.
212 2 Where in the World is Karen Walker? Adam Barr James Burrows October 11, 2018
Karen disappears after seeking help from her friends, but with Grace distracted with her campaign, Will starting a new career teaching law, and Jack avoiding marriage, none of them realize why she’s left until Malcom reveals that he told Stan of their affair. Karen is then served divorce papers.
213 3 Tex and the City John Quaintance James Burrows October 18, 2018
Grace wants the apartment to herself to have sex with Noah, so she sends Will along with Jack to Texas to support Skip at his talent competition. Meanwhile, Karen runs into Beverly Leslie at her sponsored portion of the border wall.
214 4 Who's Sorry Now? Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows October 25, 2018
In a walk down memory lane, Will and Grace embarrassingly read their college love letters, which teaches Grace an important lesson. Jack, now a certified psychic, helps Karen sort through memories of Stan and channels Rosario to reignite her faith in love.
215 5 Grace's Secret Suzanne Martin James Burrows November 1, 2018
Grace takes a road trip with her dad to Schenectady, where she tells him about her #MeToo story that involved a "family friend". Meanwhile, Will and Karen engage in a lip-sync battle to decide who will be Jack's best man.
216 6 Kid 'n Play Suzanne Martin James Burrows November 15, 2018
Karen helps Jack with his return to theater and his production of “Gaybraham Twinkin,” while Grace tries to help Will bond with Noah who confesses he has a 12-year old daughter.
217 7 So Long, Division Adam Barr James Burrows November 29, 2018
Grace unintentionally meets Noah's daughter Katie; Will's mom Marilyn visits after the death of her beloved dog, but doesn't get the emotional support she expects; Jack argues with his rec center boss, Theo.
218 8 Anchor Away Alex Herschlag James Burrows December 6, 2018
Season 9 teaser
In order to land a handsome, gay TV news anchor with a penchant for dim, frothy men, Jack convinces Will to not be himself and to act like someone silly and stupid - does he know anyone like that? Karen learns that her alimony will be severely limited unless she can get photos of her ex-husband's affair with Lorraine Finster, so she enlists Grace to go with her to the strip club where Lorraine works. Olympian Adam Rippon has a cameo as a barista with an attitude.
219 9 Dead Man Texting TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser
220 10 TBA TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser
221 11 TBA TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser
222 12 TBA TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser
223 13 TBA TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser
224 14 TBA TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser
225 15 TBA TBA James Burrows 2019
Season 9 teaser


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