The first season of Will & Grace premiered on September 21, 1998, and concluded on May 13, 1999. It consists of 22 episodes.

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Title Writer Director Original air date
1 1 Love and Marriage David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows September 21, 1998
Ep 01 01
Grace was planning on breaking up with Danny, but he unexpectedly proposes. Will advises her not to get married because she deserves someone more than Danny so Grace leaves Danny at the altar.
2 2 A New Lease on Life David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows September 21, 1998
Ep 01 02-1
Jack moves in with Will, but proves to be a terrible roommate while Grace moves out of Danny's place and finds a new apartment in Brooklyn. Jack and Karen meet for the first time.
3 3 Head Case David Kohan & Max Mutchnick James Burrows
Ep 01 03
Will and Grace discover new issues with living together, specifically: Grace's bathroom being too small. Will struggles with his sharing issues as he tries to work with Grace on resolving the issue.
4 4 Between a Rock and Harlin's Place David Kohan

 & Max Mutchnick

James Burrows
Ep 01 04
Will sets Grace up to design his biggest client Harlin Polk's new apartment. Grace on the other hand is worried that Will's controlling and perfectionist attitude will complicate things. Jack and Karen prepare for his one-man show, Just Jack.
5 5 Boo! Humbug Jon Kinnally

 & Tracy Poust

James Burrows
Ep 01 05
While Jack and Karen go downtown to celebrate Halloween, Will and Grace decide to stay in since they think it is a holiday for children. Harlin drops by however and leaves his children for them to babysit for the night.
6 6 William, Tell William Lucas Walker James Burrows
Grace feels suspicious that Will is hiding a secret so she and Jack rummage through his things to find out who he is having dinner with.
7 7 Where There's a Will, There's No Way Jhoni Marchinko James Burrows
Irs jack
Grace thinks she does not feel attracted to men anymore because she and Will are having too much fun together. Will helps out Jack to whom the IRS has been sending red letters for not paying his taxes.
8 8 The Buying Game Dava Savel James Burrows
Ep 01 08
Grace decides to buy her office space but was tricked by the owner to sign at a high cost. Will helps her by pointing out how bad she is at business. Jack tries to become a masseur and invites Karen as her guinea pig.
9 9 The Truth About Will and Dogs David Kohan

 Max Mutchnick

James Burrows

Against Will's wishes, Grace adopts a puppy from the pound, Will, while initially annoyed, bonds with the puppy quickly and a little too much.

10 10

The Big Vent

David Kohan Max Mutchnick

James Burrows

Will and Grace find out that they can hear their downstairs neighbors through the vent on the floor, which leads to drama in their own lives. Karen helps Jack write and hold auditions for his play.

11 11 Will on Ice Michael Patrick King James Burrows
It's Will's birthday! Grace surprises him with dinner at a fancy restaurant called Beltazar, but before they are able to head out, Jack bursts in with tickets to Champions on Ice. Will is not excited to go, but he pretends that he is since Jack and Grace have recently bonded over their mutual love for figure skating and he doesn't want to spoil that.
12 12 My Fair Maid-y Adam Barr James Burrows
Grace gets more and more stressed as the annual Sublime Design Showcase draws near so Will hires a maid to clean up after her.
13 13 The Unsinkable Mommy Adler Alex Herschlag James Burrows
Grace's mother comes to town so she mentally prepares herself from her criticisms.
14 14 Big Brother is Coming (Part I) David Kohan

 Max Mutchnick

James Burrows
Ep 01 14
Will's estranged brother Sam comes to town and Grace invites him to Jack's birthday party.
15 15 Big Brother is Coming (Part II) David Kohan

 Max Mutchnick

James Burrows
Will finds out that Grace has slept with his brother Sam and immediately becomes mad at her because Grace is "his".
16 16 Yours, Mine or Ours Ellen Idelson & Rob Lotterstein James Burrows
01 16
Will and Grace each meet a new neighbor named Peter at the elevator. They both find out that they were both invited to dinner with him so they ask Jack to find out if he is gay or straight.
17 17 Secrets and Lays Dava Savel James Burrows
Grace has everyone go up to Karen's cabin in the woods to distract Will from his upcoming anniversary with his ex-boyfriend Michael.
18 18 Grace, Replaced Katie Palmer James Burrows
Will meets Val and immediately finds a connection with her which drives Grace jealous. Jacks get 40 hours of community service for slapping a meter maid.
19 19 Will Works Out Michael Patrick King & Tracy Poust & Jon Kinnally James Burrows
Jack overhears Will calling him a "fag" because of his antics at the gym. Grace and Karen try to have a girl's night for the first time.
20 20 Saving Grace Jhoni Marchinko James Burrows
Grace is stressed out in trying to get a job to design for Nathan Berry, an arrogant publicist. She lands the job using one thing the other designers don't have: Will.
21 21 Alley Cats Jhoni Marchinko & Alex Herschlag James Burrows
Ep 01 21
Will and Grace's friends, Rob and Ellen, admit their discomfort during their friendly games because of Grace's competitiveness. Jack teaches Karen how to CPR.
22 22 Object of My Rejection Adam Barr James Burrows
Ep 01 22
Will finds out that Grace is going out with Danny whom he left at the altar months prior. Karen's maid Rosario makes her first appearance and consults Will about her green card which is about to expire. They find a solution by getting Rosario and Jack married. After the wedding Will and Grace decide that she should move out.


  • This is the only season to feature Gary Grubbs as part of the main cast. He later appears as a guest star during the second season until his character is eventually written out.
  • Future regular cast member Shelley Morrison only appears in the season finale as her character Rosario is first introduced.
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