Sandra Bernhard is an American stand-up comedian, singer, and actress who sold her apartment to Will and Grace, who were just looking around with no intention of buying.

Will & Grace

Sandra, who is close friends with Jhoni Marchinko, a producer of the show agreed to play herself because according to Marchinko, "that's when she's best".[1] Sandra who had become notorious for her vulgar humor, appear to shout profanities several times during her appearance but loud sounds such as a blender or a drill overlay her words.

During the third season, she puts her apartment up for sale and befriends Will and Grace who are fans of her cabaret act. While pretending to be looking and interested in Sandra's apartment, Will makes an offer of $1million which Sandra accepts. They later admit to Sandra that they have no intention of buying and she throws them out.

During the fourth season, Will and Grace who now are actually looking for a bigger place, unknowingly return to Sandra's apartment. She apparently still has not sold the apartment ever since Will and Grace were last there and is blaming them for the bad luck so she throws them out again.


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