Samuel "Sam" Truman is Will and Paul's older brother. He is the eldest son of George and Marilyn. He was portrayed by John Slattery and then later on by Steven Weber.


Early childhood

When they were young, Sam and his brothers chipped in to buy a garden gnome for their parents' anniversary.[1] Will recalls that when Sam started a fire making french fries, the only thing their mother ran back in the house to save was her Lladró figurine.[2]

Estrangement from Will

Before the start of the series, Will became estranged from Sam after Will told him how he honestly thinks his then-fiancée Ginny is "morose and controlling and icy". Sam and Ginny got married anyway and his relationship with his brother was ruined.[3] Will recalls how Sam would leave family events early to avoid him, and cut off all contact with him, effectively breaking the family apart.

In 1999, while Will and Grace are at the mall, she bumps into Sam and invites him to come by Jack's party where Will will be.[4] During the party, Sam opens up to Will saying he and Ginny are getting a divorce. Will, however dismisses him and leaves. Grace consoles Sam and they end up sleeping together twice that night. After Will finds out, he becomes furious at his brother telling him to "stay out of [his] room and away from [his] toys" because Grace is his property. Before Sam leaves, Grace tells him to give it time. Karen and Jack later tell Will and Grace that she slept with Sam because he is the straight version of Will and Will is mad at his brother because Sam gets to share a part of Grace that he never will.[5] Grace and Sam decide not to pursue a relationship because it is too weird.

During the final season, Will and Sam attend the Christmas dinner at their parent's house. By this point, the brothers have already been in good terms and Will is even delighted about Sam's daughter Casey. Sam, whose divorce has just got finalized, tries to avoid Grace but later confesses that he is actually terrified of being single and starting a relationship again. They agree that after a year they would meet again and see where they are then.[6]




My mother was never good at accepting gifts. When I was in the fourth grade, I made her an ashtray. She said, "Great. Now I've got to get you something." A Little Christmas Queer


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