Sally (or Crazy Sally) is a homeless woman who is implied to be close friends with the President of NBC.


Will and Jack first encounter Sally while filing a complaint at NBC regarding a kiss between two men which was not shown on-screen. When Jack asks Sally what her complaint is, he realizes that she may be psychologically impaired. Though Will and Jack's protest was left unacknowledged, Sally is permitted to see the president right away. Jack notes that Sally has "250 people in her head, none of whom own a toothbrush".[1]

Jack and Karen meet Sally again while rummaging through a thrift shop where Karen's pair of designer shoes were accidentally donated. Sally is able to find one of the shoes so Karen asks her what wants in return. After an incoherent bargaining, Karen thinks Sally is demanding $500 but realizes she is only asking for a measly $5. Karen then feels sorry for Sally and gives her more than what she asked for.[2]


  • Appearing in two episodes during the original series, Sally is portrayed by Mary Pat Gleason who would go on to play the recurring role of Karen's Irish maid Bridget in the revival series.



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