Robert is a dancer who Will dated and broke up with shortly after he introduced him to Grace.


Robert is a ballet dancer at a theater when he starts dating Will. Seemingly embarrassed by Robert's line of work, Will has been keeping their relationship secret from his best friend Grace until she goes through his planner and sees their appointments. It is implied that Will has a problem with Robert's job and flamboyant dancing.

Meeting Grace

Later, Grace picks up Robert's call and invites him over for dinner which Will reluctantly agrees to. Robert shows up right after doing a show of The Nutcracker, still with make-up on his face, much to Will's chagrin. He teaches Grace that every one can dance because "every movement we make is a dance."

After reassuring that he doesn't care what Grace thinks of Robert, Will is again embarrassed as Robert prances on the snow in the street and finally decides to break up with him.


  • Will's character has been criticized by fans for his reaction to Robert, often pointing out how it perpetuates the gay man's superficial and self-hating stereotype.


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