Poker? I Don't Even Like Her is the 19th of the third season and the 65th overall.

Will and Grace's friends admit being fed up of Grace's annoying antics during their poker games. Jack and Karen scheme to have her frenemy Candace Pruitt try out an experimental surgery.


The Year of the Shoulder


"Is 60 sexy?"

Karen shares to Jack that she is planning on trying out the new trend of getting permanent shoulder implants, though she wants some one else to try it out first before she does. After bumping into her socialite friend Candace Pruitt, Karen and Jack device a plan to make Candace insecure about her shoulders therefore seek out and have the surgery.

Just as Karen and Jack are about to think that Candace did not survive the procedure, Candace comes in and flaunts her new and huge shoulders. She then tells Karen that she got the last pair and that Karen must settle for "last year's shoulders".

I'll save you a seat

Will and Grace are playing poker at the apartment with friends Rob, Joe, and Larry. When Grace leaves to get more money, the guests share to Will how frustrated they have been feeling about Grace's obnoxious and aggressive habits during the game including her taunting and paying in turquoise jewelry. They ask Will to keep her from playing with them anymore.

When Will eventually tells Grace about it, she tells the touching story of her grandmother and her best friend who immigrated from Russia, and how Grace needs to play in order to get her grandmother's jewelry back. However, Joe accidentally mentions that Grace bought the jewelry from a transvestite dressed as June Carter Cash, revealing that Grace lied to keep her in the game. Later that evening, Rob accuses Will of cheating and they get into a violent fight, forcing Grace to admit that she is the one cheating. After she expresses her remorse by promising never to play again, the boys reveal that the altercation was an act to keep her out.





  • Grace's friends' aversion towards her competitiveness and annoying habits was previously discussed in the episode Alley Cats.
  • After Joan Collins refused to reprise her role as Helena Barnes in this episode, the character was changed to Candy Pruitt. This is the second episode Collins refused to appear in, after My Uncle the Car, where her character was changed to Beverly Leslie.
  • Karen's helium voice being the same as her usual voice jokes about the fact that Megan Mullally already alters her own voice when portraying Karen.
  • Grace admits that her having scoliosis during high school is a lie. However in the episode New Will City, Will mentions her "head gear" years.

Cultural references

  • Karen says that Candice Pruitt has gone to Mexico for face-lifts so many times that "if you whacked her head with a stick, prizes would fall out", referencing the piñata popular in the country.



Call me old-fashioned, but I think poker is like cooking or gardening. Women should just stay out of it! Larry

Candice:Karen, love. It's your voice I heard. I thought someone was strangling an old macaw.
Karen:Candy! I can't believe you're up and around. I guess even a mad scientist has to hit a wall at some point.

2001 is all about the eighties, which is really just the forties with coke. Karen

I once knew this guy who went in for a nose job and couldn't stop, couldn't stop, couldn't stop... came back a woman. Jackabout plastic surgery

Grace:I feel good. Been in a bit of a slump lately, but not anymore. I've got my lucky hat on, finally horked up that thing that's been caught in my throat all day.
Will:Why some guy hasn't snapped you up is beyond me
Grace:Look, I've been playing with myself and I feel much more confident.
Will:Funny, it just makes me feel sleepy.
about her poker skills
Karen:There's a question that I've been meaning to ask you that only you can answer: is 60 sexy?
Candice:Of course... Don't you remember?

I warn you, if you begin touching me inappropriately, I may have to increase your tip. Candice

God made you in his image, and I'm sure he doesn't regret it that much. Karen

Cheating is wrong! That's why they call it cheating. What, are you from Florida? Will

You know... Once I saw on Dateline that this guy went in for a fungus under his fingernail and he came back with no limbs. Luckily, he was ugly, so it wasn't that sad. Jack

Sounds like somebody needs a back rub on her front. Jack

That jewelry was the last thing given to my grandmother by her best friend Ruth. They came over on the boat together from Russia. Whenever one would get up, the other one would save her seat. They were best friends. 15 years ago, Ruth got very sick, and my grandmother flew to Chicago to see her, but she was in and out of consciousness. She hadn't spoken for days. When my grandmother was alone with Ruth... She leaned in... and she whispered, "I love you, Ruth. Do you love me?" And Ruth opened her eyes and said... "More than I ever imagined I could. Good-bye, my dear friend. I'll save you a seat." Grace

Grace, you should know better. In this house, a queen beats a straight every time. Will

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