Peter is a neighbor of Will and Grace who moved into apartment 12D during the first season.


Grace first meets Peter in the elevator, when he seemingly flirts with her. He shares a similar encounter with Will afterwards.

He invites Will and Grace over to his apartment respectively, and both assume it is a date. They end up vying for Peter's affections, with Will insisting he is gay and Grace insisting he is not. Peter continues to show equal interest in Will and Grace, which only furthers the confusion.

His sexuality is never revealed, and when they ask him whether he's gay or straight, he walks out after telling them "isn't it obvious?". Only Jack, who has a "fine-tuned" gaydar, is aware of his orientation, which he figures out immediately after meeting him.


  • He plays golf and enjoys travelling, owning artifacts from Mombasa.


I am so glad you two could make it. You're officially my closest friends in New York. Except for the guy who peed on my car this morning. Ah, he's more like family. Peterto Will and Grace

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