Paul Truman is one of Will's older brothers, along with Sam. He is the middle child of George and Marilyn Truman.


As Paul appears in only one episode, only not much is known about him. He visits Marilyn's house with his wife Peggy for Thanksgiving in 2001.[1] He acts intimidating when speaking to Will, which suggests that he used to bully him growing up.

When they were young Paul and his brothers chipped in to buy their parents a garden gnome for their anniversary which they named Squatsy.[2]


  • Paul is portrayed by Jon Tenney, who was married to Teri Hatcher who played Delfino Susan in Desperate Housewives. Tina, Paul's father's mistress is played by Lesley Ann Warren, who played Susan's mother Sophie. Interestingly, Paul's wife Peggy is played by Helen Slater who would later star with Hatcher in the Supergirl TV series.



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