Partners is the 14th episode of the seventh season and 160th overall.


Making Partner

Will is up for partner at his law firm. His boss, Margot, invites the candidates for partner to a dinner at her house, where she will ultimately make the final decision.

Will is unsure if he should bring Vince to the partner dinner since Vince has become a couch potato since being fired from the police force. Will worries he won't be as impressive at the dinner, but ultimately decides to invite Vince. Grace also attends Margot's dinner party under the pretense that Margot has set her up on a blind date. Once there, Grace realizes the blind date is with Margot's husband, who enjoys being spanked.

While eating, Vince breaks down over the memory of his old horse and leaves the table. Will follows him and tells Vince to pull himself together. When Margot demands he come back to the table, Will tells her no and that he is going to go home and take care of his boyfriend. He gives up his hopes of becoming partner and congratulates Gary. Margot stops Gary's celebration by telling him that Will is the new partner because his performance reviews were better.

Back at home, Vince tells Will that he needs some time to figure some stuff out. Vince doesn't want to break up, so they mutually agree to take a break. Once Vince leaves, Grace comes out and asks where he is, Will mentions that he thinks they just broke up.

Sick Maid

Rosario becomes sick and requires surgery. Karen refuses to believe she is really ill, much to Jack's dismay.

After Rosario has her surgery, Jack is there to make sure she is feeling better. Karen comes for a visit and begins to berate Rosario, which seemingly causes Rosario to flatline. Terrified of losing her friend, Karen tells Rosario that she is afraid of losing her and that is why she didn't want to believe that she was sick. It turns out that Rosario's finger heart rate monitor fell off, causing her vitals to crash. Karen, obviously relieved, holds Rosario's hand and admits to Jack that she loves Rosario.





"You know, you gave me quite a scare just then, little miss."


  • This episode was originally titled "Cries and Misdemeanors".
  • Margot ends up promoting Will to partner.
  • Will and Vince "take a break", although it is subsequently evident that they are broken up.  
  • This is the second appearance of Will's colleague, Roz, who previously appeared in Season 5 episode "Boardroom and a Parked Place". In this episode it is announced that she is pregnant, though she "might not keep it".


You know, Karen, Rosie's color is kinda off. ...Although... what color is she supposed to be? Jackabout Rosario's sickness

Vince and I aren't lesbians, but we don't have much sex anymore, so that's close. Will

Vince:I had a horse named Snowflake. Real smart. During the Republican Convention, he ran right past the protesters and took a crap in front of Zell Miller
Margot:That is officially my favorite story of the evening.
at the dinner party
Leonard:I love Margot. I'll never move on.
Grace:Maybe you will. Maybe you won't. Do you know what's for dinner?
Grace's "date".
Margot:Will, sit down right now, or my finger is going into your wine.
Will:But, Margot, what--what am I supposed to do?
Margot:And my finger is in your wine.
when Will confronts Vince
Rosario:[HOARSE WHISPER] She can stay.
Jack:Once again, sweetheart, it is so hard to hear you!
Rosario:[STRAINED WHISPER] She can stay.
Jack:Chicken steak? All right, I'll get you some. But I'm tellin' you, it's gonna go down like broken glass.
in hospital
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