One Gay at a Time is the 3rd episode of the seventh season and the 149th overall.

In search of new ways of cope with her divorce, Grace inadvertently attends an AA meeting with her former rival Val. Will is invited to be part of a focus group on OutTV so Jack tags along.


Alcoholics Anonymous

While following a woman carrying donuts, Grace finds herself in an AA meeting. She decides to stay when she finds out she can use the meetings as a support group for her divorce, as well as source of free food, as she pretends to be an alcoholic. During the meeting, she bumps into her neurotic neighbor Val, who is a recovering alcohol.


Will was sent an invitation to become a member of a focus group of an upcoming television network, aimed at having gay men as its audience, known as OutTV.

While Will was discussing his ideas to the group, Jack, who decided to tag along, catches the producer's attention with his bold ideas for new TV shows and Will ends up being thrown out.





  • Title is a play on the mantra "one day at a time" often used in support groups, such as the Alcoholics Anonymous Grace and Val attend in this episode.
  • Jack starts his career as a junior VP on OutTV in this episode. This is also the first appearance of Jack's boss Tim and secretary Dave, later known as Elizabeth.
  • Show writer and producer Jon Kinnally is uncredited for his role as Mitchell.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Val in the original series.

Cultural references

  • Jack mentions that he is voting for actor Jim Carrey, mistaking him for Democratic candidate John Kerry at the 2004 presidential elections. In response to this, Will sarcastically notes that Carrey's "pet detective skills will come in handy" as president, referencing Carrey's role in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.
  • Some shows mentioned during the OutTV discussion include "Big, Gay Brother", a play on the Big Brother reality series; "Gay Jeopardy", "The Price Is Right And Gay" and "Shamed Family Feud" on game shows The Price Is Right, Family Feud, and Jeopardy!, respectively.
    • Will also mentions the shows "On the Fluffy Side" and "The Hard Questions", puns on terms "fluffy" (pejorative term for a gay man) and "hard" in the sexual context.
    • Later, Will suggests a reality show called "Queer Factor" after Fear Factor.
  • Val hints that actor Dick Van Dyke will be speaking at their next AA meeting
  • Grace mentions that Will was angry that Patti LuPone did not win the Tony for the 1987 revival of the musical Anything Goes where she played the lead Reno Sweeney. LuPone would later appear in the episode Bully Woolley.
  • While arguing with Karen, Val tells her to "accept the things you cannot change, bitch!", a reference to a line on the Serenity Prayer commonly used in Alcoholics Anonymous programs.
  • Grace mentions that after Karen's short marriage to Lyle in Vegas, she spent her wedding night making out with singer Celine Dion's arm choreographer. At the time, Dion had been performing her first concert residency in Las Vegas called A New Day... since the previous year.


Damn it, woman! After my body accepts your liver, I am through with you! Karen

It's a cult, I tell ya. Just like the Moonies or the homosexuals or the elderly. Karenon Alcoholics Anonymous

Free therapy and free food? I mean, for Jews it's like hitting the lottery. Graceon Alcoholics Anonymous

How dare you call my friend dumb! If you're looking to push a button, call him "chunky." Jack

You're rambling, you're chirpy, you're looking for booze in the middle of the day. If you were picking me up from school naked under a mink, this would be my childhood. Will

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