Norman is Stanley Walker's old business partner.


Norman started a mattress company called Señor Mattress with Stanley Walker and achieved success. He recalls Stanley wanted to branch out into other businesses while he does not want to take any chances. Stanley ended up founding Walker, Inc. and being a billionaire but still remained friends with Norman as he mentions spending summers at Sag Harbor with his wife Lorraine and Stan's wife Karen.

In 2002, Norman has been having difficulty with his mattress business so he asks Karen for help in producing a commercial. Karen signs Jack to star in the commercial which increases the mattress sales five times. Norman also appears briefly in the Spanish-themed commercial in a sombrero hat.


  • Norman is played by Tom Poston was married to Suzanne Pleshette who played Karen's mother Lois.
  • Norman's wife is named Lorraine. Stanley's mistress who appears in later seasons is also named Lorraine.
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