No Sex 'n' the City is the nineteenth episode of the sixth season and the 141st overall.

Grace gives Will advice on how to act cool in dating Vince. Karen and Jack are sad that their favorite shows are ending.


Well done, Billy Boy

Ep 06 19-0

Officer, arrest me.

Seeing Will desperately chase after the new guy he started seeing recently, Grace advises him to let someone else do the chasing. She points out that quality Will finds most attractive in a man is when he ignores him.

With a new resolve to "play it cool", Will arrives an hour late to his date with Vince, and starts treating him coldly. After seeing Vince dance with another guy, he apologizes and that he was just "playing a game", after which Vince forgives him.

TV is over

Karen and Jack mourn over the recently aired finale of Sex and the City. When she finds out that their other favorite shows—Friends and Frasier—are going off the air soon, too, they decide it is time to new fictitious characters into their lives.

However, the two are unimpressed of the shows currently on air. They decide to go out and have life experiences of their own, then get together at the cafe and discuss them, "like the people on TV do". When this, too proves ineffective for their entertainment, Frasier's Bebe Neuwirth walks into the cafe and tell Jack and Karen that they need to let go and move on.





  • Title is a play on the TV series Sex and the City.
  • Sharon Osbourne won the chance to appear in Will and Grace in a charity auction for The Trevor Project, an anti-suicide hotline which provides support for troubled LGBT+ youth.[1]
  • The song playing in the Third Street Grill is a remix of Baby Boy (2003) by Beyonce.
  • Will's interest in becoming a playwright is referenced again in this episode, when Grace and Jack mention the play he wrote out of depression, "If Gay Means Happy, Why Am I So Sad?".

Cultural References

  • Jack and Karen are shown to be fans of sitcoms Frasier (1994–2004), Friends (1994–2004), and Sex and the City (1998–2004), which all ended during the first half of 2004. Karen is also a fan of Magnum, P.I. which ended in 1988.
    • Jack makes a reference to Fraiser when he mentions Martin Crane's "funky barcalounger in an immaculate Seattle living room with two brothers, one fussier than the next".
    • Karen does an impression of Chandler Bing from Friends when she says, "Could a show be any funnier?".
    • Jack tells Karen to meet up at Central Perk, the fictitious cafe where the characters of Friends frequently visit.
    • When Jack mentions "four women sitting around drinking cosmos talking about penises and penis-hers", he is referring to the main characters of Sex and the City, credited for popularizing the Cosmopolitan drink during the 90s.
    • Karen says she is relieved Carrie ends up with the character Mr. Big during the finale of Sex and the City instead of the "70-year-old ballerina," referring to the character Aleksandr Petrovsky, played by former ballet dancer and actor Mikhail Baryshnikov, who was 56 years old during the time.
  • When Karen tells Bebe Neuwirth to talk like her emotionless character in Frasier, she retorts, "I will if you will". This is a joke on the fact that Megan Mullally, for her portrayal of Karen, uses a voice squeakier than her actual voice.
  • Will reminds himself to buy Bounce, the 2000 romantic comedy film which stars Gwyneth Paltrow. While in the club, Vince dances with a guy who "looks like Gwyneth Paltrow", according to the bartender.
  • While browsing for a new favorite show, Karen and Jack call out "fat guy, skinny wife" which has become a trope in TV series especially sitcoms, such as Married... with Children (1987–97), Family Guy (1999–present), The King of Queens (1998–2007), and According to Jim (2001–09).


Will:I don't want to play those games. My god, I mean, I'm in my early thirties.
Jack:Darling... You, like your waist size, are not in your early thirties anymore.

Oh, the tiny knapsack. How could a knapsack so tiny hold all my dreams? Jack

We just have to find a new show. Something that combines the gay sensibility of "Sex and the City," the gay sensibility of "Frasier," and the gay sensibility of "Friends." Jack

Vince:You know, I never really had my heart set on being a cop. I just knew I wanted to wear blue and ride around in a car with another guy all day. Besides, with all four of my brothers being cops...
Will:Wow, five brothers, all cops? I think I have that video.

Hey. You know, we could go out and have life experiences of our own, then get together later and discuss them. You know, like the people on TV do. Karen

This is like a pastiche of five other shows like something written by a committee. They're trying to please everybody, but ironically have ended up pleasing nobody. Karenbrowsing TV shows

Karen:Come on. Talk like Lilith, we hate your real voice.
Bebe:Well, I will if you will.

I tell you, men are such bitches. Why do I work here? Nonny

Grace:Just play it cool, okay? This is how gay men operate. The two of you are locked in a high stakes, erotic, pied-a-terre.
Will:Pas de deux.
Grace:That's what I said.
Will:You said pied-a-terre. That's an apartment.
Grace:I know. I took Spanish for two semesters.
French confusion
Will:Is there any chance that your advice could be wrong?
Grace:Chance? Of course. Good chance. Just look at my love life before I met Leo. Look at my love life after I met Leo. Really, when I give you advice, I'm just talking out of my ass.
after taking Grace's advice

I'm not Lilith, I'm Bebe. I'm an actress. I sing. I'm a Broadway dancer. Look at these pins! You know any 40-year-olds who can wrap their legs around their necks? Bebe Neuwirth

Will, I don't play games. Look, I'm a romantic. Call me old-fashioned, but I believe when a guy takes another guy out, he should treat him like a lady. Vince

Karen:Hey, Jackie, did we get a little nutty, thinking that some made-up character could help us?
Jack:aybe a little? But it doesn't matter. We don't have to resolve this till the same time next week.


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