Nice in White Satin is the seventh episode of the sixth season and 129th overall.


Pressured by her lawyer Will, Karen decides it's time for her annual Walker corporate physical, but begins to regret this decision after being examined by a slightly unorthodox physician. Elsewhere, while accompanying Karen to her physical, Jack finds his true calling -- student nursing -- and begs Will and Karen to support this new endeavor or face his eternal scorn.





  • Debra Messing only appears in one scene (talking on the phone to Will).
  • Jack Black was consulting producer Laura Kightlinger's real-life boyfriend. Jack Black was not credited in the end-credits.
  • The A-story in this episode originally dealt with Leo's Doors cover band, "The Operating Room Doors", a joke from the "Marry Me A Little More" episode. However, with Debra Messing having to miss the majority of filming for this episode, the A story had to be changed. The B-story dealing with Jack's new career was already written and then taped, so to keep the setting of the hospital, they created the story of Karen's physical.


You guys, relax, I know what I'm doing. New York Magazine named me one of the top doctors in Manhattan. And guess who they didn't name. My lame-ass partner Dr. Joel Frankel. Dr. Isaac Hershberg

Karen:Dear Lord, if I'm okay, I promise I will dedicate the rest of my life to serving you.
Will:It says here you're fine.
Karen:Ha-ha, fall for it again, God.
reading the results of Karen's physical
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