New Will City is the first episode of the third season and the 46th episode overall.


Will is still on the Island with Karen, Stan and Rosario. Grace is wanting his advice to which guy she should be with, Josh or Ben, Jack helps her out and says she should be with Ben as there is something about Josh that he can't put his finger on , Will gets mad with Karen and feels he should be home helping Grace, Will, feels left out within what happened in the last 3 months Grace and Jack have started to become closer friends, and he tells her that she should Josh. Karen trying to smuggle in drugs but blames it on Rosario and feels guilty about it but doesn't want to admit it.




  • Corey Parker (Josh)
  • Mimi Savage (Woman)
  • Timothy Davis-Reed (Officer)
  • Steve Schroeder (Delivery Boy)


Cultural References



This whole thing has just gotten way too complicated. I mean, the other night in bed, I called Josh "Ben." And to cover it, I stretched it out into bennn...d over...and I ended up doing something I really never wanna do again. Grace

I watch "Ally McBeal." I know what pouting looks like. You're pouting.

My feelings aren't cute, I'm not the youngest brother on Eight is Enough. Will

I gotta tell you, I find these toilets that flush themselves very threatening. Rosario Salazar

My love for you is like this scar. Ugly, but permanent. Graceto Will


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