New Will City is the first episode of the third season and the forty-sixth episode overall.


Will returns from the island to find that Grace and Jack have bonded, leaving Will feeling left out. Meanwhile, Karen feels guilty when her actions lead to Rosario being arrested for smuggling.




  • Corey Parker (Josh)
  • Mimi Savage (Woman)
  • Timothy Davis-Reed (Officer)
  • Steve Schroeder (Delivery Boy)


  • Season 3 Premiere.
  • This is the first episode where Shelley Morrison is billed a regular cast member.
  • Britney's choreographer came in to teach the "Oops!" dance routine to Sean and Debra.


This whole thing has just gotten way too complicated. I mean, the other night in bed, I called Josh "Ben." And to cover it, I stretched it out into bennn...d over...and I ended up doing something I really never wanna do again. Grace

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