New Will City is the 1st episode of the third season and the 47th episode overall.

Will returns from his vacation and finds that his two best friends have formed a special bond. Karen starts feeling stomach pains after her maid Rosario gets arrested.


Torn between two lovers

Will finally returns home from his unfortunate escape at the Caribbean with clients Karen and Stan to help out with Grace's problem about dating Josh and Ben. Will, however, is surprised to see that Grace has gotten much closer to Jack who lives across the hall, even taking Jack's advice over his. Will starts to feel resentful that he is being replaced. After Grace reassures him that their friendship is like a scar ("ugly but permanent"), Will reiterates his advice that Grace should choose Josh over Ben. However, Jack comes in and tells them that Josh is actually gay.

Pangs of guilt

Karen, who is smuggling black pearls into the country, returns from the Caribbean when she realizes that she is going to be arrested by customs security. While waiting in line, Karen lets her maid Rosario hold her bag, effectively letting her get arrested instead as she makes her escape.

The next day, Karen tells Grace that she has been feeling stomach pains ever since her return. Grace quickly notices that Karen's pains are triggered when Rosario's name is mentioned and notes that it is because of unconscious guilt from having her maid take the blame and arrested. Karen is then forced to bail Rosario out of a jail in Queens.





Cultural References

  • Upon reuniting with Jack, Will does an impression of Jerry Lewis, saying "Hey, lady!" a quote from the 1961 comedy The Ladies Man.
  • When Will comes back home, he tells Jack that he can still stay in the guest room and then calls him Kato, a reference to Kato Kaelin who became famous during the OJ Simpson murder trial. Kato was staying at Simpson's guest house when the crime occurred in 1994.
  • Will mentions that Grace is "torn between two lovers, feelin' like a fool", a reference to the Mary MacGregor song Torn Between Two Lovers.
  • As Karen's security officer at the airport walks away, she calls to him "Wayne, Wayne, don't go away", a reference to the nursery rhyme Rain Rain Go Away.
  • When Grace points out Will is pouting, she references the show Ally McBeal starring Calista Flockhart who has a trademark "natural pout".


Will And Grace Dance Britney Spears

Will And Grace Dance Britney Spears


This whole thing has just gotten way too complicated. I mean, the other night in bed, I called Josh "Ben." And to cover it, I stretched it out into bennn...d over...and I ended up doing something I really never wanna do again. Grace

I came home. I'm here. Where's the love? I just flew coach! I need some love! Will

Karen:Ever since I've been back, I've been getting these shooting pains.
Grace:Well, have you done anything unusual since you've gotten home? Eaten? Loved? Worked?

I know what guilt is. It's one of those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don't really mean anything... You know, like "maternal" or "addiction." Karen

I'm not going to Queens! There are people living in cabs down there! Let her tunnel her way out! Karen

My feelings aren't cute, I'm not the youngest brother on Eight is Enough. Will

I gotta tell you, I find these toilets that flush themselves very threatening. Rosario Salazar

My love for you is like this scar. Ugly, but permanent. Graceto Will


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