Nathan Berry is a obnoxious publicist who hires Grace in exchange for a date with Will.



Sometime before the show, Nathan critiqued Jack McFarland, who is an actor as Jack says that Nathan "ruined" his career. Jack sent him a flyer for his cabaret show "Just Jack" but he did not come.

Grace, a fan of Nathan, auditions to design his house. Nathan is seemingly not impressed by Grace's portfolio but gives her a chance because of his and her assistant Karen's same social connections. Nathan drops by Grace's apartment later where he is immediately smitten by her roommate Will. As he leaves, Nathan offers the job to Grace but with the condition that Will goes out with him on a date. Will agrees as a favor to Grace but is repulsed by Nathan's offensive attitude and lack of humor. After he comes home, Will is surprised to learn from Grace that Nathan actually enjoyed their date and has offered her a raise in exchange for another date with him.


Don't do that. I'm not playing that.

Don't do that. I'm not doing that with you.

Don't do that. Don't buy time by repeating what I say.

Don't do that. Don't rhyme.

Alex, why didn't I get Antonia Hutt? I love her work. Marrakesh? Well, then I hope she gets bit by a scorpion. on the phone

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