Nadine is a friend of Vince D'Angelo.


Nadine is described by Will as a "sweet, lovely girl", although she later reveals her true colors when she announces that she hates Will.

She says his cooking is too pretentious, and that if his eyebrows were any more tweezed "he'd be Nicole Kidman".[1]

It is later implied upon meeting Grace for coffee that she is in love with Vince, believing that they are perfect together and secretly hoping Will dies in a plane crash.


  • She is a fan of singer Norah Jones.
  • She watches "a lot of Comedy Central".
    Nadine - Edited


Okay, I know what's going on here. You're just mad because I said I hate your dippy little fancy chicken friend. Nadineto Grace

Nadine:You're so much prettier than the picture Will showed me of you at the pie eating contest.
Grace:I've never been in a pie eating contest.
Will:It was Thanksgiving.
Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine


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