Mrs. Freeman is Ben Doucette's assistant.


Mrs. Freeman is shown to have very little work ethic, often refusing to carry out tasks from other than her boss[1] and that she is especially disparaging towards Will. When Will requests Ben to ask her to be nicer, Ben replies that there "there are limits to what I can do." [2]

Although a recurring character, Mrs. Freeman only has a few lines in her conversations with Will as she just usually replies with a scornful "mmm-hmm".



Mrs Freeman:Mr. Doucette said that you should review the Blumen file.
Will:Where is it?
Mrs. Freeman:I don't know. Why don't you ask his assistant?
Will:You are his assistant.
Mrs. Freeman:I just said I didn't know.
Will:Wow. Is that your fun side? I'm just asking, 'cause I wouldn't want to miss it.
having fun, Ben? Her?


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