May Divorce Be With You is the 22nd episode of the fifth season and 120th overall.

The episode features the start of Karen and Stan's divorce proceedings; while Jack fills in as Grace's assistant.



Karen learns that Will will be representing Stan instead of her during their divorce so she hires the inexperienced young lawyer Jason "JT" Towne who allegedly won a huge settlement for Debbie Harry. Will is concerned Karen might regret hiring JT so he helps them plan for court. As Karen realizes Will may be right, JT reveals that his naivety was an act to learn Will and Stan's strategy.

Cam and Grace and Jack

Jack fills in for Karen at Grace's office and sets her an appointment with Cam, a wealthy guy he has been seeing who needs a designer. Cam and Grace get along well but he and Jack break up. As per Jack's request, Grace tries to stop working for Cam but could not as it would give her a chance to be featured in Architectural Digest.


Main Cast



  • This is the second time Jack is seen filling in for Karen in Grace Adler Designs. The first was in William, Tell where Karen meets up with Will to discuss her marriage. This time, Karen is with Will for her divorce.
  • The title of the episode is a play on the famous Star Wars line "may the force be with you."

Cultural references

  • Jack mentions watching the TV series Everwood while in the bathroom, a double entendre on "wood" as euphemism for penis.
  • JT allegedly won rock star Debbie Harry a huge settlement in court. Harry later appears as herself attending Stan's funeral two episodes later.
  • Will implies JT's suits are from Osh Kosh B'gosh, a popular American brand for children's apparel.


I know it's awkward being on opposite sides, but there's no reason this case should get in the way of our lukewarm friendship WillRepresenting Stan instead of Karen

Oh, my. How would you like to live under my skirt? Karen

JT, give us a minute, will you, please. Holler if you hit puberty. Will

Get yourself a bikini wax. I like a clean work space. JT

He'll make a monkey of you. But, of course, with your hairy back, that shouldn't be much of a leap. KarenAbout her new lawyer

How evil! How sneaky! How underhanded! My God, you are a lawyer. WillLearning JT's true plans

Jack, if everybody stopped working for men who broke your heart, the city would shut down. Grace

Now I'll leave you two to talk. I think you'll both find you have something fascinating in common... me. Jack

I just want to say I love everything you're wearing, and I'm furious I didn't get those glasses first. Cam

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