Martin Adler is the father of Grace, as well as Janet and Joyce. He is husband of Bobbi Adler.


Due to his age, Martin is portrayed as a typical old Jewish man: quiet, stingy, and pragmatic. Grace says that Martin is "The Buffer" against her mother's nitpicking.[1] For Grace's bat mitzvah, Martin gave her a music box that plays "Hava Nagila".[2]

Grace bitterly recalls that Martin has not noticed anything she has done since she was 12-years-old, and how he emotionally turned his back on her during college years.[3] Martin seems to enjoy retelling embarrassing stories about Grace's childhood, including the time she spilled lemonade all over her stand, and when she cooked French toast by "dumping syrup in a bag of bread", and especially the time she let the door open and the cat got away.[4] It is implied that he is not very affectionate towards his daughters as in season 3, Grace says that the last time she was home he told her she looked like a hooker and that whenever she calls her parents, Martin hands the phone to Bobbi, saying "it's the middle disappointment".[5]

He has implied serving during the Korean War and sleeping in a foxhole he claims was more comfortable than sleeping beside his wife. In any case, Bobbi says that if you ask Martin who is the love of his life, "he'll say, 'I married her. And move over. You're blocking the TV.'"[1]


  • He seems to have a flirtatious relationship with Karen, as she once called him "big daddy" while on the phone[6], and stated that she has stripped for him[7].


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