Malcolm Widmark is a government agent who helped Stanley Walker fake his death. He later starts dating Stanley's wife Karen.


Being a CIA agent, not much is known about Malcolm's personal life. He occasionally mentions having traveled in different countries for highly-classified and often sadistic types of work, claiming he is skilled in "many forms of interrogation, including physical torture, sleep deprivation, and Jewish guilt."[1] While dating Karen, he was living with two waitresses and a law student.[1]

Stanley Walker

When Stanley Walker was put under the witness protection program, Malcolm was assigned to spy on Stanley's family and friends who believe he died of a heart attack. He first meets Will on Central Park, under the pretense of being a recruiter for a non-profit organization.[2]

Malcolm then meets and is immediately smitten by Stanley's wife Karen who has become indifferent towards Stanley for lying to him.[3] Even as Karen and Malcolm start a passionate relationship, her friends remain conflicted as they believe she still loves Stanley.


  • The Baldwin brothers (including Alec, who plays Malcolm) have been mentioned during the first season as guys whom Will fantasizes about.[4]
  • Karen mentions Malcolm speaks seven languages and has enormous genitalia and Jack says he smells like baby powder and Greek salad.[1]
  • His favorite writer may be either war novelist John Steinbeck or suburban life humorist Erma Bombeck.



You kill me... And one day I'm going to have to return the favor. Alive and Schticking


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