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Lorraine Finster is Stanley Walker's mistress. She is also the daughter of Karen's fourth husband Lyle Finster.


Lorraine's father Lyle has admitted that he did not love her mother and that she was conceived when they were "in an alley and out of condoms." When Lorraine was born, she had both male and female reproductive organs. Her parents decided to raise her as a girl and had the male parts removed.[1]

Lorraine grew up somewhat promiscuous and active in the night club scene. She mentions working as a stripper in the UK.[2]

Relationship with Stan

Lorraine was working in the prison cafeteria where Stanley Walker was imprisoned when the two start a relationship while he is still married to Karen. Lorraine was then involved with "a handsome embezzler who led a major telecom company into bankruptcy".[3] Lorraine moves into the Walker mansion while Stan and Karen are separated and are in the process of getting divorced. Stan, however, unexpectedly dies while he was having sex with Lorraine. She recalls that his final words were "I'm... I'm..." and that she was trapped under him for two days, living off in bits of sandwiches trapped in Stan's right breast.[3]

Lorraine attends Stan's funeral where they find out that he left nothing for her in his will, which pleases Karen. Lorraine later joins her in scattering his ashes at The Caribbean, bringing his favorite toupee, which ends again in an argument and her pushing Karen off the yacht into the ocean.[4]

Karen as stepmother

As revenge, Karen sleeps with Lorraine's father Lyle and sets her up to find them in the act. Lorraine then demands his father to choose between her and Karen, and to their surprise he chooses Karen, whom he is in love with. After Karen admits her true intentions, Lyle feels betrayed after choosing her over his daughter and they break up.[5] Lorraine sees how miserable Karen and Lyle have become after breaking up and realizes that they really love each other. She brings Karen to his father and encourages her to say their true feelings, after which Karen and Lyle decide to get married.[1] Karen mentions having a three-way with Lyle and Lorraine.[6]

Lorraine attends Rosario's funeral as she still sees Karen as family seeing as she slept with Stan and Karen married her father.[6]


  • She seems to have a talent for stealing jewelry, even while other people are still wearing it.[6]




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I heard as soon as I came. at Rosario's funeral