Liz is Karen's one-time roommate.


Liz works as an office manager with two people working under her: Melissa and Keith. Her company is in the music business and does collections of classic hits such as Hits of the '80s, Ladies of the '80s, Rock Ballads of the '80s, and The '90s.

Liz was renting an apartment with her boss paying half the rent so they can have a place to have an affair. After her boss got murdered, she puts up an ad looking for a roommate and Karen who wants to experience life out of her mansion, moves in with Liz.

On their first night out as roommates, Liz and Karen hit on the same guy at the bar. When neither backs down, Liz ends up feeling Karen on the dance floor and starting a fight which got both of them kicked out. Liz immediately throws Karen out of the apartment which she mentions is owned by Walker Property Management. Being CEO of the Walker, Inc., Karen smugly tells Liz that she technically owns the apartment and throws Liz out instead.


  • She's fond of doing "cut to me" when telling contradicting stories.
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