Lionel Banks is a rich bachelor who met Karen at a hotel bar while her husband was in prison.


The smooth-talking Lionel introduced himself to Karen at the hotel bar while she was feeling lonely about her husband Stanley being in prison. He mistakes her for a prostitute, which she admits made her feel special. When Lionel asks Karen if she is married, she lies. Later Lionel sends her flowers and an obscene card. Karen goes to him to admit that she is in fact married but Lionel dismisses it, saying he does not care and hands her a key to his suite.[1] Karen goes up to his room to return the key and show her integrity but they end up talking and drinking inside and doing "everything but, B-U-T". Karen eventually agrees to sleep with Lionel but Stanley comes home from prison before she could.[2]

Fearing she might not be able to resist Lionel's charm one last time, Karen sends her "number one goon" Rosario to break things off with him. Rosario however ends up sleeping with Lionel herself.[3]



Lionel Banks. Lionel, like the train. Banks, like money. Introducing himself to KarenA.I.: Artificial Insemination

I got us the Presidential Suite. The bed is turned, the bath is drawn, and there's a handy Filipino fellow ready to attend to whatever needs that I can't meet. A.I.: Artificial Insemination

That delicious scent... I knew it either had to be you or a thousand wild gardenias nestled in a mossy bank of money. Greeting Karen...And the Horse He Rode in On

I admire your integrity. Would you care to step inside, take your clothes off, and discuss it further? ...And the Horse He Rode in On


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